Oral Histories

Interviews conducted with people close to the college including presidents, faculty, and staff.

Dr. George H.

Dr. George H. Parkes


"Every man had a little of St. George in him ... If you want to get along with people put them in a position to slay a dragon every day."

Williamsport High School
Faculty and vocational program director (1920-41)
Williamsport Technical Institute
Founding director (1941-52)

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Dr. Kenneth E.

Dr. Kenneth E. Carl


"With us, 'education for all' is not simply a well-turned phrase; it is the philosophy that guides our teaching practices."

Williamsport Technical Institute
Director (1952-65)
Williamsport Area Community College
President (1965-73)

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Dr. C. Herschel

Dr. C. Herschel Jones

"I say to you that leadership is a two-way thing. It is more than command. It is reasonable direction and reasoned response."

Williamsport Area Community College
Vice President (1973-74)

Elaine J.

Elaine J. Lambert

"it was a chaotic, crazy, busy environment, and I just loved the thought of being part of that."

Student (1977-1979)
Communications staff (1980-1985)
Director of college information and community relations (1985-2014)
Special Assistant to the President for Creative Development and Public Relations (2014-current)

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Dale A.

Dale A. Metzker

"I just enjoyed watching all the machines that [were] used to produce the newspaper..."

Student (1961-1962)
production printer (1963-66)
Faculty Graphic Communications (1966)(Master Teacher Award recipient)

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George Wolfe

"It took me a while to accept the PC. Iím a mainframe man, [but] I finally accepted them."

Math and drafting instructor, (1957-1961)
Computer science department head (1961-1968, 1970-1991)
Administrative data processing department head (1965-1968)
Computer science professor (1974-1984)
Academic computer division director (1984-1989)
Technology Transfer Center director (1989-1991)

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Alvin Bush

"I knew the value of the Technical Institute."

State representative (1961-70, 1985-94)
Sponsored legislation to establish create Pennsylvania College of Technology
WACC governing board (1988-89)
Chair, Penn College Board of Directors (1989-99)

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George E.
Logue Sr.

George E. Logue Sr.

"Every summer when school let out we went to the farm ... that was heaven to me."

Student (1943-45)
Program Advisory Committee
Outstanding Alumnus Award (1973)
Foundation Board of Directors (1982-84)

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Barbra Danko Sr.

"Sometimes we could get further in the shop to check out what was happening."

Coordinator of outreach programs (1980-83)
Director of lifelong education (1983-90)
Director of staff development (1991-95)
Director of staff communication and development (1995-97)
Manager of credit and noncredit distance learning (1997-98)
Director of alumni relations (1998-2009)

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