WTC Course
Baseload Auditing

BPI - Building Performance Institute Inc.
National Center for Healthy Housing


  • Mon., February 2, 8:30 a.m.

This workshop introduces participants to theory and application in baseload auditing techniques and energy efficiency improvements, which are presented against a backdrop of Pennsylvania WAP standards. Workshop topics include baseload energy saving opportunities, PA WAP baseload standards; utility bill analysis; using refrigerator databases; electrical usage meters (watt, volt, amp meters); how to apply cost-effective baseload measures; defining standby, phantom, and vampire loads; the influence of the occupant on baseload energy use; and client education regarding the impact of lifestyle choices on baseload energy usage. This course is approximately 50% presentation/classroom exercises and 50% hands-on application, equipment training, and diagnostics in the lab. This workshop requires each participant to participate in classroom discussions, practice exercises, and worksheets, and a passing grade (70% or above) in the end-of-course written exam. Hours: 10. BPI CEUs: 5. PA WAP AGENCIES AND SUBCONTRACTORS ARE ADMITTED AT NO CHARGE. SELECT THE COURSE SECTION WITH $0.00 COST WHEN REGISTERING.

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