Workforce Development & Continuing Education
WEDnetPA Basic Skills Training

Basic skills training can improve the skill level of employees by introducing basic, entry-level work skills required for success.

A basic skills training grant may provide reimbursement of training costs up to $450 per qualified employee (at a maximum of $75,000 per company).

In-house, company training is permitted.

Topics may include:

  • Communication and teamwork
  • Applied mathematics and measurement
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Problem solving
  • Business operations
  • Computers
  • Quality assurance
  • Product and process control
  • Workplace behavior skills
  • Manufacturing fundamentals
    • Welding, soldering
    • Tool, grinding
    • Machine setup
    • Machine maintenance
    • Blueprint reading

On-the-job, company orientation, or product specific sales training is not eligible for reimbursement.

Funds may not be used for adult literacy activities, including English as a Second Language. WEDnetPA partners may collaborate with Adult Literacy Service providers to address workplace literacy needs as appropriate.

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