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National Hands-on Thermoforming Workshop

Equally divided between classroom instruction and hands-on lab time, Beyond the Basics Thermoforming Workshop includes sessions on thick and thin gauge forming, with an emphasis on raw materials, heating the sheet, tool and part design, forming and trimming the part and testing. The effect of utilizing various plug materials and geometrics while forming PETG, PVC, APET, and homopolymer PP in a variety of gauge thicknesses will be evaluated through a highly interactive "competition." The attendees will be broken into groups and assigned the task of determining what plug assist geometries, materials, and process settings produces the best parts and will then present the parts they have produced to the lab for testing. Participants will learn and interact with the industry experts Mark Strachan, Jay Waddell, Ian Strachan, Roger Kipp, Terry Woldorf, plus special guest Dr. James Throne in this intensive three-day program. Day three will close with lunch and presentation of certifcates ending 1:30 p.m., however, there will be optional informal lab time until 3 p.m.

There are currently no classes scheduled for this course. Please check back at a later time or contact WDCE to see when the course will be offered again.

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