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Remembrance Garden

Constructed in 2006

An area of respite, reflection, and remembrance, the Remembrance Garden is located near the site of a former campus and community landmark.

For many years, the administrative headquarters of Williamsport Technical Institute and Williamsport Area Community College, a former trolley car building, known as "Unit 6," was on this site.

Remembrance	Garden

Alumni Sculpture

The centerpiece of the garden is a sculpture titled "Interface," designed by Frederick T. Gilmour, '66, '74. Gilmour designed many iconic symbols for both Williamsport Area Community College and Pennsylvania College of Technology.

A member of WACC's first graduating class, Gilmour later served as executive director of the College Foundation and director of instructional technology and distance learning.

Alumni contributions supported the design and construction of the Interface sculpture, which was dedicated in 1989 and originally placed in a courtyard previously located between the Lifelong Education Center and Building Technologies Center.

In the Garden

Student construction

Student construction

Bench, tables, and seating

Bench, tables, and seating

Memorial bricks

Memorial bricks


Williamsport Railway Company built a "car barn" on this site in 1926; the barn had nine tracks that could carry up to 45 trolley cars. The last trolleys ran in 1933.

The building served as a factory R and G Knitting Mills until after World War II, when it became the administrative headquarters for the technical institute.

"Unit 6" deteriorated over the years. When it was demolished in 1985, the razing of its brick smokestacks symbolized the end of an era and the beginning of a new period of growth and expansion on campus.

The office of the College president was in "Unit 6," the former trolley car building until 1984, when administrative offices were relocated to the second floor of Hager Lifelong Education Center.

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