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Bush Campus Center

Constructed in 1993

The Bush Campus Center offers vital student services and activities. Developing social and leadership skills, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and preparing for the world of work are important aspects of student life that occur within the Bush Campus Center.

Bush	Campus	Center

Alvin C. Bush

Alvin C. Bush, who served two terms in the state legislature (1961- 70 and 1985-94) sponsored legislation in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives to create Pennsylvania College of Technology in 1989. Chairman Emeritus of the Penn College Board of Directors, he joined the governing board of Williamsport Area Community College in 1988 and served 10 years as the first chair of the Penn College board.

Alvin C. Bush

Historical Site

A historical marker declares this site once was home to W.D. Crooks and Sons, which crafted high-quality wood veneer doors for the White House, U.S. Capitol, Library of Congress, Pentagon, National Art Gallery, and other public buildings from 1886 to 1971.

Access to the area's plentiful hardwood resources and to skilled craftsmen, including those trained in nearby vocational shops, contributed to the company's success.

Elizabeth Crooks Bush, daughter of one of the operators of the renowned door company, also was the wife of Alvin C. Bush, for whom the center is named.

Crooks Doors 1886

Inside the Campus Center (CC)

CC Commons

CC Commons

Fitness Center

Fitness Center

Penn’s Inn

Penn's Inn


Before the College Store moved to this location, it was located in the former Cromar factory building west of campus and later near the former library in what is now the Lifelong Education Center.

Before the Children's Learning Center was relocated to the Lifelong Education Center in 2010, early education was offered in the Campus Center.

Prior to Bookmarks Cafe in Madigan Library, the CC Coffee House was a popular spot for relaxation.

Counseling and career services are offered to students in this facility, aiding them in resolving social and emotional problems, as well as making academic and career choices.

Prior to the opening of The Gallery at Penn College, students displayed their work here.

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