Student Rights & Responsibilities
Tobacco Use on College Premises

Tobacco use on College premises shall be limited to areas specifically approved by the College administration, subject to the following:

  • Smoking* and other tobacco use is prohibited in any College interior space, including, for example, corridors, classrooms, laboratories, offices (including private offices), lobbies, dining facilities and restrooms.
  • Smoking and other tobacco use is permitted in College exterior areas except that:
    • Tobacco users shall not impede easy access to any entrance/exit to a building.
    • Smoking and tobacco use is prohibited inside the smoke-free zones located at the entrance ways of the College buildings or in any other area as delimited.
    • The College may restrict tobacco use in certain exterior areas where warranted by concerns for safety, cleanliness, convenience, or by concern for the comfort of others.
  • Penalties for violation of the College's provisions for smoking and other tobacco use shall be disciplinary action in accordance with general College provisions for misconduct.
  • The purpose of this policy is to bring the College into compliance with law relating to tobacco use and to safeguard the health and physical comfort of non-tobacco users on College premises.
  • The College shall maintain a referral list for counseling of those wishing to cease using tobacco, and shall from time to time, as demand warrants, sponsor tobacco use cessation workshops on campus.
  • Smoking in College-owned vehicles is prohibited.

*Smoking includes non-tobacco, non-nicotine smoking devices.

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