My studentís returning for another great semester!

Parent Newsletter article – Fall 2013, Issue 2

Finishing the semester strong also requires preparing for what’s next. There are several things your student can do right now to ensure Spring 2014 starts as strong as Fall 2013 ended. Here are some tips to help guide that conversation.

Did you schedule your spring courses yet?

Current students who are returning next semester should have scheduled for Spring 2014 during the week of November 4. Several emails and announcements have been sent to remind those who have not yet done so. If your son or daughter is among the few who have not yet scheduled Spring 2014 classes, further delay could impact their ability to get the courses they need to stay on track and progress towards graduation. If your student hasn’t yet scheduled, please encourage them to visit his or her academic adviser as soon as possible.

Are you making Satisfactory Academic Progress (FA SAP)?

Students who were awarded financial aid this academic year and will need financial aid again during the 2014-15 academic year should be aware of Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policies. These SAP policies are based on government regulations. The Financial Aid Office evaluates SAP for most students at the end of the spring semester. However, students who previously did not achieve SAP and who were granted an exception to receive aid for the fall semester will have their SAP reviewed at the end of fall semester, as will students who are in programs that are less than two-years in length. The SAP policies are detailed online. Please contact the Financial Aid Office at with any questions. Note: Financial Aid policies are different from the College's academic policies.

Do you know what types of student loans you have?

Many students graduate college with little understanding regarding the types and amounts of loans they’ve used to pay for their higher education. Now is a great time for students to learn more about their current loan status and repayment options by visiting the National Student Loan Database website. This website allows students to retrieve their federal loan history and to get the contact information for their federal loan servicer. A loan servicer is a financial institution that administers student loans for the federal government, which includes billing the borrower and accepting payment. Keeping track of this information will make it easier for the student when they graduate and begin repayment on their loan.

Did you get your textbooks and supplies for your spring classes?

Students can purchase or rent their spring textbooks prior to departing for the holiday break. In fact, the opportunity to purchase a used textbook is more likely to occur before the start of the semester. 

Students can find courses offered for the spring semester, as well as the required textbook(s), via the Search Course Offerings link. Purchasing textbooks through The College Store is as simple as adding the book to the “shopping cart” (or purchasing in person). Students who are not permitted to self-schedule, or those auto scheduled, can use the same link to identify and purchase their books. Note:  In some cases a textbook may be used in subsequent courses. Encourage your student to check what textbook he or she is currently using to avoid reordering or selling back.

Required tools, uniforms and supplies can be found on the respective major’s web page.  These items can also be purchased at The College Store or online by going to the “Program Supplies” dropdown link (left-hand tool bar) and then selecting the respective academic school.

Regardless of whether your student wants to purchase, swap, or rent textbooks, and/or obtain program tool kits and uniforms, The College Store offers the most convenient and simplest way to prepare for the upcoming semester.

By taking these few steps, students can set themselves up for success in the new semester. If you or your student has additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us!

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