Found-time: The Summer Course Advantage

Parent Newsletter article – Spring 2014, Issue 2

Did you ever find yourself wishing that there was an extra hour in the day to accomplish your goals? For students, there's an extra semester in the year. Summer!  Whether current or newly enrolling, students may choose to take summer courses when they want to catch up, get ahead, or free up time during the regular semester.

Students need to catch up when they:

  • incorporate developmental coursework into their curriculum;
  • drop, fail, or withdraw from a course;
  • change their major.

Students may want to get ahead when they:

  • dual major;
  • take a minor;
  • aim for an earlier graduation date.

Summer courses are offered in two separate sessions: a five-week May session and a seven-week June session. The full menu of summer course options, including dates and times, is available at Search Course Offerings. Current students may Web schedule on SIS. Newly enrolling students may schedule by contacting Academic Services and First Year Programs.

On-campus housing and meal plans are available.

Summer developmental courses

Completing developmental courses during the summer is often recommended by faculty and staff. Summer provides new students the opportunity to get a head start on building their skills and the potential to begin the first semester with a clean slate, and it allows current students a chance to finish up un-met developmental requirements.

All developmental coursework is offered at a 25% discount this summer.

Transferring courses

New or current students who have commitments close to home or plans in other locations may choose to take courses at a community or local college. Before scheduling, students should be sure that they are taking the right course. They can determine if a course at another college is equivalent to their Penn College course by using the Transfer Course Equivalency Search. They may contact Academic Services and First Year Programs or their Academic School office if they need assistance.

Encourage your student to take advantage of found-time this summer!

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