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Accounting Society

The Accounting Society provides access to unique opportunities for rising accountants. The organization provides useful information for internships and job opportunities, as well as, arranges for professional speakers to talk about the accounting profession. The group also participates in the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program yearly, which gives students the opportunity for hands on experience in tax preparation.
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Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA)

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America-Penn College Student Chapter (ACCA-PCSC) was recognized by the Penn College Student Government Association as an official student chapter on January 6, 2003. Since our installment as an official Penn College student chapter, we have also been recognized as the first ever student chapter of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America on February 13, 2003.

The main focus of the student chapter is education. The ACCA-PCAC has held, and is planning to hold more, education seminars concerning the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry that are free of charge and open to the Penn College community. Our mission is to uphold the integrity of ACCA and all its references and to educate and inform student members of new materials and methods in the HVAC industry. Our members have participated in a Thanksgiving holiday food-drive that benefited the American Rescue Workers Chapter of Williamsport.
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Alpha Chi Honor Society

The purpose of the Alpha Chi Honor Society is to promote academic excellence and exemplary character among junior and senior college students and to honor those who achieve such distinction.

Regular Alpha Chi Honor Society activities include scholarly activity, college and public service, and fundraising.
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American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers Inc. (ASHRAE)

ASHRAE is an international technical society dedicated to improving the quality of life through the advancement of technology related to heating, refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation. This student chapter was established in 1991 and is under the sponsorship of the Harrisburg regional chapter and ASHRAE. Activities include community service projects, College service projects, field trips, and involvement in national ASHRAE meetings and activities including design competitions.
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American Welding Society (AWS)

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Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

The Penn College Association for Computing Machinery is a student chapter of the international scientific and educational organization dedicated to advancing the art, science, engineering, and application of information technology, serving both professional and public interests by fostering the open interchange of information and by promoting the highest professional and ethical standards.

ACM strives to serve its members and the college community by providing the latest information relevant to the ever-updating industry. In addition to providing information, ACM encourages and facilitates the gathering of individuals with interests in all aspects of technology through weekly meetings and the popular bi-weekly LAN parties.
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Association of Professional Programmers (APP)

Association of Professional Programmers is a club of programming students who get together to discuss current and new technologies and techniques related to computer programming. The purpose of the club is to practice computer programming using a variety of modern concepts, techniques, and languages to expand members overall knowledge of computer programming and software development. Also to provide an environment that supports the opportunity to connect with people who share a common interest, while helping the community.
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Blue Crew

The mission of Blue Crew is to generate and enhance campus pride and loyalty within the Penn College community. Blue Crew supports student organizations, events, and athletics.

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The purpose of Campus Crusade for Christ is to glorify God through actions and meetings as well as to bring more students to know Jesus as their Savior.
Regular Campus Crusade for Christ activities include weekly large group meetings as well as weekly Bible studies.
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Campus Ministry International (CMI)

The purpose of CMI is to provide in-depth study of scripture while setting up programs & services to encourage and maintain spiritual awareness. Alpha Omega CMI endeavors to see students not merely survive, but thrive spiritually.

Regular Alpha Omega CMI activities include weekly meetings for prayer and Tuesday night meetings during which members come together for a time of anointed worship, fellowship & an in-depth Bible Study. A weekly Fellowship event, "Thursday Night Live," offers members an opportunity to gather for a break from the stresses of life.
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Construction Management Association (CMA)

The purpose of the Construction Management Association is to give students the chance to meet with other students with a shared interest in construction. It also allows students to gain exposure to the industry.

Regular Construction Management Association activities include weekly meetings, the annual hog bash, tours of job sites and meetings with leading companies in the construction industry.
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Delta Mu Delta Honor Society

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Diesel Performance Technicians Association

The purpose of this association is to expand the learning opportunities and meet other students who share an interest in diesel performance. The club meets regularly to plan activities that will broaden their understanding of careers in the diesel field and enhance their understanding of the profession. College and community service projects are also coordinated by the membership.
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Early Educators

The members of Early Educators usually are in the Early Childhood Education program, but any student can join.

The purpose of the Early Educators is:

  • to foster the growth and development of the membership in their work with and on behalf of children
  • to develop leadership skills
  • to develop advocacy skill among the membership on behalf of the needs and rights of all young children at the local, state and national level
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Forestry Club

The purpose of this club is to organize and participate in social, leadership, and professional activities related to careers in forestry. Planning and participating in college and community service projects, fundraising, and attending the Woodmen’s Competition each spring are among the club’s many activities. Club members also coordinate, plan, and attend the Society of American Foresters conference, held yearly.
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Gamers' Guild

Gamers' Guild is a club devoted to the continued enjoyment of classic games ranging from pen and paper RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons to classic console games, such as Nintendo and other major game producers. GG also enjoys and promotes trading card games such as Magic the Gathering, tabletop stratagem games such as Warhammer, and board games such as Risk. The group has recently opened up their doors to live play games, including Nerf.
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The Harbor

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Health Information Association (HIA)

Health Information Association (HIA) is a collaborative effort of students focused on fostering the understanding of the rapidly changing health care environment. HIA provides opportunities to support and develop student interests in pursuing careers in businesses related to health care including entry-level coder, medical records technician, abstractor, utilization management assistant, quality improvement assistant, data analyst, and supervisor. Club members attend seminars, conferences and have discussions to help prepare them for interviews, internships and future positions in the health care industry. The club is also involved in community service and college events.
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Horticulture Club

The purpose of the Horticulture Club is to promote and advance the field of horticulture through its members by giving back to the school and community. A practical experience in the field and exposure to the industry through out of the classroom experiences and sharing of knowledge between members is what the Horticulture Club is all about.
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Information Security Association

The Information Security Association (ISA) is a security club that encompasses all IT majors. It stretches the importance of security through networking, programming, security, and even average computer users. ISA seeks to extend topics learned in the classroom by using modern concepts, techniques, skills, and tools for computing information assurance and security practice while promoting knowledge of members involved, their education, and continued professional development. ISA participates in competitions, attends conferences, and holds study groups for industry certifications.
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Institute of Electronics & Electrical Engineers (IEEE)

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League of Legends Club

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The Medical Imaging Club

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Minorities Lending Knowledge

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Occupational Therapy Assistant Club (OTA)

The purpose of the Student Occupational Therapy Assistants Club is to create a forum for representation on campus and in the community. We aim to increase awareness of our practice areas and enhance the overall experience of OT education through community involvement and campus participation.

OTA conducts regular meetings, offers education enrichment possibilities, and develops volunteer projects. 
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Off-Campus Housing Organization (OCHO)

OCHO is the go to organization for students experiencing issues with off campus housing. OCHO enriches the quality of off campus living and assists with the positive development of tenant & landlord relationships. OCHO also strives to connect the off-campus community with on-campus activities.
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PC Alliance

The purpose of PC Alliance is to improve the visibility, strength, and support of the Penn College lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, questioning, and allies (LGBTQA) communities through an educational and social environment. Students who identify themselves as LGBTQ are enabled to interact with other individuals who share like identities in a positive, comfortable, and confidential atmosphere.
Regular Alliance activities include weekly meetings, educational/social events, and an annual LGBT networking conference with peers and leaders in various industries.
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PCT 4x4 Club

PCT 4X4 is a group of students from The Pennsylvania College of Technology who share a common interest in off-road vehicles. PCT 4X4 does not discriminate and welcomes all who share our interests regardless of the type of vehicle you drive.
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Penn College Benefitting THON

Penn College Benefiting THON is a fund raising organization affiliated with the Penn State Panhellenic Dance Marathon, affectionately known as THON. We raise money to support children, families, and researchers affected by pediatric cancer all year long leading up to a 46 hour dance marathon at Penn State Main Campus. We have oodles and oodles of fun, so come join us as we fight cancer!
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Penn College Construction Association (PCCA)

The purpose of the Penn College Construction Association Student Chapter of the National Association of Home Builders is to improve upon the learning experience of students and provide service to the College and community at large.

Regular Penn College Construction Association activities include weekly meetings, spring and fall recruiting parties, trips to construction companies, bowling nights, and construction projects for the College and community.
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Penn College Legal Society

The purpose of the Penn College Legal Society is to supply students within the Paralegal Studies program with the opportunity to connect with one another and to share common interests, while helping the community and each other.

Regular Penn College Legal Society activities include regular meetings and guest speakers.
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Penn College Motorsports Association

The Motorsports Association is a club for any students interested any form of motorsports. Members learn about motorsports of all ranges and aftermarket tuning aspects of the entire automotive industry. The club activities offer members exclusive exposure to the racing industry with tours of performance shops and opportunities to test their driving ability by participating in track days, autocross and other driver skill events.
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Penn College Diners Club

Student members of the Diner's Club meet regularly at local and distant high profile restaurants in order to personally meet with their respective chefs and owners. These interactions with the industry's leaders expose our students to entrepreneurialism, local and ethnic foods, and "real world" perspectives of the Culinary Arts.
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Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors (PSLS)

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Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)

The purpose of Phi Theta Kappa is to focus upon the Society's Hallmark of Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Fellowship. Students must maintain a high academic standing throughout their enrollment in a two-year college degree, and Phi Theta Kappa recognizes students for those achievements.

Regular Phi Theta Kappa activities include Fund raisers, College and Community service projects, end of the year picnic, and regular organization meetings twice monthly.
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Physical Fitness Specialist Club

The Physical Fitness Specialist Club aims to build a strong community amongst Physical Fitness students and spread the message of fitness and wellness to the community. Members strive to unify the physical fitness community, enhance their academic standing and provide the community with activities that promote sustained health fitness.
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Physician Assistant Club (PA Club)

The purpose of the Physician Assistant Club is to serve the community through education and community involvement.

Regular Physician Assistant Club activities include club meetings, participation in campus visitations, campus activities, annual fundraisers, and community events (GRANGES, Health Fairs, Health Literacy in the community).
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Residence Hall Association (RHA)

The Residence Hall Association is for all students who live in on-campus housing at Penn College. RHA works closely with Residence Life to provide educational, social, and leadership opportunities. Events range from kickball to casino nights and swing dance lessons. Please contact your Resident Assistant if you are interested in joining.

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Running without ED

Running Without Ed (eating disorder) at Penn College is committed to raising awareness of eating disorders on campus. We also meet weekly to exercise together, focusing on fun, not losing weight! All students are welcome!

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Service and Operation of Heavy Equipment Association (S&O)

The association is to expand the learning and leadership opportunities and provide students with an opportunity to engage with and contribute to, the College and local community. This club organizes and executes the Annual Precision Heavy Equipment Rodeo, held each fall at the School of NRM during the college’s Open House. Field trips to work sites and other educational opportunities are also coordinated by the club.
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Ski and Snowboard Club

PCT Ski & Snowboard club brings students with an interest in snow sports together. The organization  takes ski trips to local mountains throughout the area and instructs new members on proper skiing and snowboarding techniques. In addition, the organization strives to create an environment where students can learn a skill that will enrich their lives. The Ski and Snowboard Club takes biweekly trips to Jack Frost and Big boulder in the Poconos and other trips as student interest determines. All students who share a passion for skiing or snowboarding are encouraged to attend a meeting.
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The purpose of SkillsUSA, a National vocational student organization, is to compete in more than 80 competitions in a variety of fields.

Regular SkillsUSA activities include chapter meetings, state and national conferences, fund raising, and community and college service.
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Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)

The purpose of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers is to provide students with the ability to see real world engineering and help students gain possible jobs after they complete their schooling.

Regular Society of Manufacturing Engineers activities include weekly meetings, S.A.E. Mini Baja competition, and company tours.
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Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE)

The purpose of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) is to form and maintain a professional link for students and leaders in the plastics industry. Other benefits include scholarships and career links.

Regular Society of Plastics Engineers activities include weekly meetings, plant tours, guest speakers, national events, and conferences. SPE also sponsors and conducts recreational activities and trips.
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Student American Dental Hygienists' Association (SADHA)

SADHA is a category of membership within the American Dental Hygienists' Association ( ADHA), an association dedicated to the advancement and promotion of dental hygiene.
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Student Government Association (SGA)

The purpose of the Student Government Association is to improve the quality of students' academic, professional, social, and personal development while serving as the democratic voice on campus and as a liaison between the student body and the faculty, staff and administration. SGA advocates the incorporation of student views and opinions in the formulation of policies and procedures governing Penn College as well as promotes and funds student-initiated academic, professional, personal development and social programs.

Regular Student Government Association activities include Senate meetings, the annual Student Leadership Conference, canned food drive, holiday giving tree, and educational programs.
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Student Nurses' Association (SNA)

The purpose of the Student Nurse's Association is to represent the majority of the nursing student body of the Pennsylvania College of Technology. The SNA will explore professional growth, will promote mutual respect in collaboration between the different levels of nursing, and will serve as a channel for the exchange of ideas to promote holistic health and provide for both patient and student education.

Regular Student Nurse's Association activities include community service projects such as Shepherds of the Street, Mitten Tree, and Clearly Kids Expo, fund-raisers such as a candle sale and a clothing sale and regular meetings.
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Student Society of Surgical Technologists (SSST)

The Student Society of Surgical Technologists is an organization that enjoys helping the community and the College through fund raising and helping others.

SSST meets monthly to discuss and plan upcoming events and fund raising activities. Although only Surgical Technology students may become members, all students can be involved by participating in community and College events planned by the organization.
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Students Making a Contribution (SMAC)

The purpose of the Students Making a Contribution (SMAC) is to provide a way to meet and develop relationships amongst a diverse group of students through involvement in civic engagement, community service activities, and philanthropy.
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Students of Musical Development (SMD)

The Penn College Students of Musical Development aims to serve the student body as a musical outlet for students who wish to play, teach, and learn musical instruments and musical theory, as well as perform
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United Campus Ministry (UCM)

The United Campus Ministry Student Organization at the Pennsylvania College of Technology is a student-led group that seeks to provide opportunities to the members of the college community for: worship, Christian fellowship, pastoral care, spiritual growth, faith discussion and volunteer service. We continue to form ecumenical partnerships with local congregations in the Williamsport area to strengthen the faith bridge between the Penn College campus and local churches.
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US Green Building Council (USGBC) Students of Penn College

The USGBC Student Group seeks to promote sustainable building practices and raise awareness of Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) through education, outreach and advocacy. Throughout the academic year USGBC Students will be heavily involved with the campus and community to show that sustainable practices can promote enriched learning environments and are beneficial to everyone.
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Veterans Club

The purpose of the Student Military Veterans Organization is to provide a safe environment for student Veterans to help one another facilitate and acclimate to the transition from military life to the college community.

The Veterans club also hopes to create a positive social network based on fellowship, mentorship, and camaraderie.
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Wildcat Events Board (WEB)

The Wildcat Events Board, more commonly known as WEB, is a student organization that with the help of the Student Activities Office, plans the major events that happen on campus. Whether it is comedians, bands, or even some of our own crazy ideas, WEB plans close 15 events per semester. Members also have an opportunity to attend the National Association of Campus Activities (NACA) Conference. WEB is a great way to meet new people and also stay on top of what is going on at Penn College.
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