Benefits of Greek Life

Intellectual DevelopmentFraternity Members at Camp Victory

Students often find managing their time difficult when moving from the highly structured high school environment to the freedom of college life.  Academic success is a central focus of all Greek Life activity, and are emphasized from first joining through graduation.  Greek membership offers scholarship programs that may include mandatory study hours, time management workshops, GPA requirements, and incentives such as scholarships to challenge members academically.  Studies show that fraternity and sorority members usually maintain a higher grade point and are more likely to obtain a degree than non-affiliated students.

Personal/Leadership Development

Greek Life at Penn College offers a multitude of leadership opportunities.  Each member is encouraged to actively participate in their chapter, as well as in the Greek governance system and other campus-wide leadership activities. Fraternal involvement will not only provide basic leadership skills, but will also cultivate civic-minded leaders who are willing to challenge negative behaviors exhibited by their peers, and engage in activities to positively impact Penn College and the surrounding community.  Fraternities and sororities provide a solid foundation in leadership training to prepare members for the future.

Community Service

Community service and philanthropic activities is one of the keystones of Greek Life.  Members are empowered to make a positive impact on the community, and develop an understanding of civic responsibility through the process of serving others.  Most importantly, chapter members learn they can make a difference. Community service promotes unity among members and and cultivates responsibility, appreciation for differences, empathy, and other critical skills students will need for future success.

Social Activities

Fraternity Man-i-Cure EventFor many students, an active social life helps make college a fulfilling and holistic experience. Greek Life at Penn College provides a wealth of social activities including formals, philanthropy events, and intramural sports. Joining a fraternity or sorority can help broaden a student’s social network and make the college experience enjoyable.  Sorority and fraternity involvement can offer a family atmosphere and friendships that often last a lifetime.

Alumni Relations

A member’s involvement in Greek Life does not end at graduation.  Membership in Greek Life is for a lifetime and provides lasting connections to the College and to their brotherhood or sisterhood.  Alumni often serve as advisors, officials on a house corporation, or as a regional or national officer and consultant.  Lifetime friendships expand beyond individual chapters to include all members of the Greek community, both nationally and internationally.  Additionally, alumni organizations help students network with fellow alumni and keep in touch through newsletters, meetings, and special alumni events, resulting in potential employment connections after graduation.

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