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Current Organization Listing – A complete list of active organizations, including descriptions and president/adviser information.

Student organizations are formed around vocational, honorary, community service, special interest, or personal support purposes. Interested groups may seek recognition as approved Penn College organizations by completing necessary application forms, available from the Student Activities Office. Current student may also get the form at the myPCT Portal .

2014,mall, Fall Fiesta, Dalaney Vartenisian 2014,mall, Fall Fiesta, Dalaney Vartenisian 2014,mall, Fall Fiesta, Dalaney Vartenisian

2013,male  student, Mini Baja, Student Activities, Society of Manufacturing Engineers Baja team members - taken locally (not at event) photo courtesy of member Brian Pernot 2013,Occupational Therapy Assistant, female male student, Health Sciences, OTA walkathon, Student Activities, group, to benefit I’m Able Foundation, Jennifer Cline, Health Sciences 2013,SOTA Run in the Dark, Student Activities, Jennifer Cline


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