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Parent Newsletter article – Fall 2013, Issue 1

College students have valuable experiences in class and out-of-class. Unfortunately, students don’t often realize how important social transition can be to their overall success at college. Meeting new people, especially those different from us, increases student learning outside the classroom. Students who successfully transition socially, make new friends, and connect to campus have been shown to perform better and are more likely to graduate. Below are some questions to ask your student to help gauge his/her involvement:

Are you meeting new people? Meeting new people, especially those different from us, increases student learning outside the classroom. Making new friendships while at college helps students acquire new skills and allows students to learn about and understand new cultures, belief systems, and values. In addition, increased connections with students and faculty may also help students develop networks that may assist in later career development. Finally, meeting new people and sharing information about you can help students feel welcomed and boost their self-esteem.

Have you joined any student organizations? Student organizations are formed around vocational, honorary, community service, special interest, or personal support purposes. Joining student organizations allow students to socialize and network with others who share their interests and beliefs. Student organizations also make it very easy for students to meet new people and get involved on the Penn College campus.

What on-campus events have you attended so far? The Student Activities Office plans and hosts numerous social and educational programs throughout the week. There is always something to do on campus! From trips and lectures to comedians, billiards tournaments, and drive-in movies, there are numerous student events held each week. Attending these programs can help students not only meet new people, but also learn new things about themselves, the campus, or others.

If you believe your student is struggling to acclimate socially, here are some resources you can recommend to your student:

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