Sessions for Girls Entering Grades 7 and 8

A Day at the Movies

Use video editing software to edit a clip. You will add excitement to your video with special effects such as transitions, sound, text, and graphics.

Adobe® Elements®

Create, edit, and retouch your photographs using Adobe® Photoshop Elements®. You will also learn how to reduce your file size and add these photographs to a website.

Aircraft Radar

Learn about how airplanes use radar to avoid obstacles and bad weather. Use your new knowledge to operate a radar system with the help of current Penn College students. If the weather is rainy, then you will be able to use radar to analyze the rain showers in real time. If the weather is sunny, then you will use the radar to map a mountain.

All of This? It Is Just a Paper Clip!

Explore computer-aided product drafting and design with the creation and engineering analysis of a unique paper clip. You will use computer-aided drafting and design software to create a clip and will use finite element analysis software to evaluate the strength of the clip. An actual model of the clip will be made using rapid prototyping equipment (3D printing).

Are You Ready to Weld?

Discover the art and science of welding as you explore several of the most common welding processes used today. You will have an opportunity to practice your new skills and learn welding safety when you make a flower to take home.

Cartoons With PowerPoint®

Learn how to create a cartoon show. Feature yourself, your best friend, and whomever you want as characters during this light-hearted learning experience. Incorporate music and other technology to fascinate your audience. Start developing your skills for a possible career in computer game animation or computer graphics!

Caution! Oxygen Can Be Hazardous to Your Health!

See how fast an iron-containing catalase enzyme protects you while you breath. Did you know products like hydrogen peroxide are damaging to your cells? You will investigate the effects that some variables like temperature and concentration have on its activity.

Dental Hygiene: Straight from the Mouth

Explore a career in dental hygiene and learn how math and science link to this profession. You will have the opportunity to perform a variety of exciting activities related to dental hygiene.

Girl Power: Conquering Disability

Explore and role-play a number of physical disabilities typically served by occupational therapy practitioners. You will learn adaptive techniques that enable patients to perform meaningful activities such as: dancing in a wheelchair, putting on makeup or making a lunch with only one hand.

Graphics with Wonderware Software

Discover the world of computer graphics by designing a cartoon character using software called Wonderware®. You will be able to create characters and have the characters be animated. The software is intended to provide visual information in the industrial world.

Macromedia® Flash® Web Savvy

The Web is quickly becoming more interactive. You will use Macromedia® Flash® to explore ways of making websites interactive.

Makes No Bones About It: X-Ray Is X-citing and Fun

Wonder why you need to hold your breath, or why the technologist goes behind that booth while an x-ray is performed? You will learn and experience the x-ray process.

Math workshop

A picture is worth a thousand words! In mathematics, a graph is a picture of an equation. In this workshop, you will use a TI-83/TI-84 graphing calculator to graph lines and curves and to discover interesting properties about your graphs.

Mystery at 123 Maple Avenue

Use fingerprints, "bloods," fibers, and powders to work through the mystery. You will use these and other techniques to identify the suspect.

Plastics and You!

Learn about the properties of various plastics materials, their many different applications, and a few of the processes used to make them. You will discover how plastics help make our lives better and how it can be formed into different products ranging from simple consumer items to complex medical devices.

Seeing Green

Chemistry is the basis of all living things. In this workshop you will learn how to separate components of a mixture of plant pigments using paper chromatography, so that you can see the colored pigments in spinach. You will then determine the color of light that each pigment in spinach absorbs perform an analysis with a spectrophotometer, and graph your results.

Time to Build the Networks of the 21st Century!

Discover the technology that keeps you in touch with the world! Learn what makes computer networks, like the Internet, tick. See how connected equipment such as routers and switches send your e-mail, music, and instant messages from one place to another. You will build real network cables and use them to make a functioning network. You will also program routers to make them control the flow of data.

Travel Back in Time

Have you ever wondered what Pennsylvania was like a long, long time ago? As a paleontologist for the day, you will collect your own fossils at a local fossil pit, and identify your finds back at the “lab.” You will then use your fossils to travel back in time and figure out what Williamsport might have been like millions of years ago. Note: Wear old, closed-toe shoes. (There will be an indoor “rain location” planned.)

Visualizing Mathematics

See why a picture is worth a thousand words! In mathematics, a graph is a picture of an equation. You will use a TI-83/TI-84 graphing calculator to graph lines and curves and to discover interesting properties about your graphs.

Wash Your Windows!

Learn how to remove spyware, adware, and other malicious hidden programs from your Windows® operating system.

YIKES! Stripes

Combine different species of wood to complement or contrast colors in constructing a small cutting board. You will assemble, machine, and hand sand your own designs to take home.

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