Benefits of a Nontradtional Career by Gender Career for Women

The biggest benefit of working in a nontraditional career is the real benefit of following your dreams and the satisfaction that comes from the feeling of a job done well, but there are others:

Higher Pay

Women in nontraditional careers generally make 20-30% more money than women in traditional careers.

Opportunity for Advancement

Nontraditional careers often have career paths that allow women to quickly move up the ranks, allowing them to earn $20-$30 per hour more than their entry-level wage.

Better Benefits Packages

Women in nontraditional careers generally have better benefits packages, including health care, vacation and sick leave, pension/retirement plans, and life insurance.

Expanding Job Availability

Nontraditional careers are generally in fields that are growing, thus there are many new jobs and positions being created. Also, these fields are losing employees to retirement, creating many job openings.

Job Satisfaction

Many women experience higher job satisfaction in nontraditional careers because they are better able to match their interests and skills with the responsibilities of their jobs.

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