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Alumnus, Employee Establish Scholarship at Penn College

John and Lenore Penfield have established a scholarship that will benefit Pennsylvania College of Technology students enrolled in dental hygiene and landscape/horticulture majors.

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John and Lenore Penfield

Nine Students Pass State Agriculture Department's Pesticide Exam

Nine students in Pennsylvania College of Technology's School of Transportation & Natural Resources Technologies passed the Pennsylvania Pesticide Applicator Certification test.

"This gives the students an opportunity to set themselves apart from their competition," said Carl J. Bower Jr., a horticulture instructor at the college's Schneebeli Earth Science Center. "Even if they don't do any spraying, they are a much more informed employee for having taken and passed this test."

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A Conversation with Graduate Amy Metrick, 2012 Horticulture graduate

What years did you graduate and from which programs? I believe you were plant production and BTM correct?
I graduated in 2012 with my associate's degree in Ornamental Horticulture Plant Production and in 2014 with my bachelor's degree in Business Technology Management.

Amy Metrick

What led you to enroll in the BTM program?
I decided to enroll in the BTM program because my family owns a farm market and a 40-acre vegetable farm. I knew that the plant production degree was going to help me run a successful business from the growing perspective but knew I needed a business background to really make it work.

What are you doing now?
I currently work for Penn State Extension in Butler County as support staff. My day-to-day responsibilities include answering phones and taking care of people who stop in for information. I mainly work with the 4-H program helping kids register, find projects that would be ideal for them, and assist the 4-H educator in our county. At home, I am responsible for our family’s greenhouses during the winter and spring months. After that, I help in the fields planting and picking vegetables.

Did the BTM and the horticulture programs help you prepare for your current position? Explain how if you could.
Both the BTM and horticulture programs have helped me in many ways. At the Extension office, I use my knowledge of plants to find information for a customer quickly and sometimes answer the question myself. When working at home, I use what I have learned to grow better plants for our customers. The business degree has helped me see what all it takes to effectively run a business and be successful.

What is your advice to students who want to get into the green industry?
Do it! Every day has the potential to be different. There are so many opportunities out there. From being a producer of plants to a plant broker, there is something for everyone.

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Open House

If you'd like to learn more about our landscape/horticulture technology program, plan to visit the Schneebeli Earth Science Center and the main campus during Open House on Saturday, March 28. This is an excellent opportunity to see the full campus in action, meet faculty and staff, and view student projects.

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