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Horticulture Club Beautifies Neighborhood in Service Project

Horticulture Club

Several members of the Horticulture Club participated in a community service project on Sept. 30, removing some perennials from Way’s Garden and transplanting them around the nearby YWCA.

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Culinary, Horticulture Students Exhibit Floral Handiwork

Acquiring an appreciation of basic floral-design principles – and colorfully applying those elements in their course work – students in Karen R. Ruhl’s Art of Floral Design class produced strikingly original and stunningly beautiful projects at the Schneebeli Earth Science Center.

Floral Handiwork

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Alumni Share Industry Perspective During Horticulture Students' Visits

Fourteen students from Penn College's landscape/horticulture technology majors and two faculty members took field trips to a variety of related businesses, including two that employ alumni.

Field trips

The students, who represent both the landscape technology and plant production emphases of the major, made visits to Good’s Tree Care in Harrisburg; Hershey Gardens in Hershey; and Ruppert Nursery and Ruppert Landscape in Laytonsville, MD.

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'These Trees' Art Installation Weaves Cross-Campus Connections

The third large-scale art installation created to celebrate Penn College’s Centennial has woven together not only text and trees, but students from across campus.

‘These Trees’ Art Installation

Over two weeks, more than 160 students from various majors participated in the creation of "These Trees," an art piece utilizing a variety of tree species harvested from Penn College’s Schneebeli Earth Science Center and installed on the west lawn of the Bush Campus Center.

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