Sciences, Humanities & Visual Communications
Natural Sciences Faculty

Dr. Michael Allar
Assistant Professor, Biology (Anatomy/Physiology)

Ms. Debra Buckman
Assistant Professor, Chemistry/Environmental Science

Dr. Kelly B. Butzler
Associate Professor, Chemistry

Dr. Veronica Ciavarella
Lecturer, Geology

Dr. David L. Evans
Professor, Biology (Anatomy/Physiology)

Ms. Ann Marie Furdock
Associate Professor, Biology

Dr. Justin Ingram
Assistant Professor,, Biology (Anatomy & Physiology) Dr. Justin Ingram

Dr. Chris Kule
Assistant Professor, Biology (Anatomy/Physiology)

Chris Kule

Dr. Joseph E. LeBlanc
Instructor, Physics

Joseph E. LeBlanc

Dr. Brian McKeon
Assistant Professor, Biology

Brian McKeon

Dr. David S. Richards
Professor, Physics

David S. Richards

Dr. Shahin Shabanian
Assistant Professor, Physics

Shahin Shabanian

Dr. Amy P. Toole
Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Lab Assistants

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