Industrial, Computing & Engineering Technologies
Articulation Agreement: Information Assurance and Security

Associate of Science in Information Technology Support (783.2) at Community College of Allegheny County with
Bachelor of Science in Information Assurance and Security (BIS)


Students who transfer to Penn College are responsible for meeting all graduation requirements of their chosen degrees, including the established minimums that dictate the number of credits that must be completed at Penn College.

Course Evaluation Plan and Recommendations

  • BIS General Education requirements completed as part of the Community College of Allegheny County degree will be evaluated on a course by course basis. Pennsylvania College of Technology participates in PA TRAC. CCAC students should use PA TRAC to verify that CCAC courses will transfer to Penn College as General Education electives.
  • In order to maximize course transfer and expedite progression to graduation, students should take the following courses:
    • MAT 201 – Calculus I as a mathematics elective
    • CIT 130 – Object-Oriented Programming: Java, not CIT 161
    • Complete the following courses as general electives at CCAC
      • CIT 125 – Web Development
      • Three (3) credits of either humanities, social science, art, foreign language, or applied art that transfers to Penn College
      • If necessary, either MAT 111, MAT 142, or MAT 147 as prerequisites to MAT 201
    • Complete CIT 220 – Unix/Linux Operating System as one of the restricted electives
    • Complete either ACC 104 – Financial Accounting or BUS 103 – Principles of Management as an accounting or business elective

Course Transfer Equivalencies

CCAC Penn College3
CIT 115 Networking Competency – 1st semester
CIT 120 Networking Competency – 2nd semester
CIT 111 Programming Competency – 1st semester
CIT 1301 Programming Competency – 2nd semester
Restricted Elective (Recommend CIT 220) Unix/Linux Competency
CIT 230 Database Competency
General Elective (Recommend CIT 125) Web Technologies Competency
Restricted IT Elective IT/Business Elective
Restricted IT Elective5 Computer literacy
Math Elective (MAT 201)2 MTH 240
ACC or BUS Elective (Recommend ACC104 or BUS 103)4 ACC 113 / MGT 115
ENG 101 ENL 111
ENG 102 ENL 121 or ENL 201
  Fitness/Lifetime sports Elective (2 credit)
General Elective  Humanities/Social Science/Art/Foreign Language/Applied Art/International Field Experience Elective (3 credit)
  Humanities/Social Science/Art/Foreign Language/Applied Art/International Field Experience Elective (3 credit)
Science Elective  Science Elective
SPH101 Liberal Arts Elective (CMM 200)
Restricted IT Elective Open Elective
General Elective or MAT 111, MAT 142, or MAT 147 (as required) Open Elective
  Speech Elective
  Science with Lab Elective
  Humanities Elective
Social Science Elective Social Science Elective
  Art Elective
  CIT 230
CIT 215 CIT 246
  MTH 160

1 Do not take CCAC course CIT 161
2 Must be completed prior to first semester at Penn College.
3 Complete 36 credits at Penn College for course work prescribed in the final four semesters of a student's profile (including any summer course work required within or after the final four semesters).
4 ACC 104 transfers as Penn College ACC113; BUS 103 transfers as Penn College MGT 115
5 With degree conferred, any computing course will count as computing literacy

Articulation Agreement implemented: March 12, 2010

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