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Articulation Agreement: HVAC Technology with Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology


Students who transfer to Penn College are responsible for meeting all graduation requirements of their chosen degrees, including the established minimums that dictate the number of credits that must be completed at Penn College.

Course Transfer Equivalencies

General Education Courses

For those who meet the Transfer Requirements, the following course equivalencies apply:

Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology Penn College
        Total Credits:  23
Course Number Course Title Number of Credits Course Number Course Title Number of Credits
ENG 106 Composition 3 ENL 111 English Composition I 3
MATH 136 Technical Math II * 3 MTH 124 Tech. Algebra & Trig I * 3
  Physical Fitness and Health 1 FIT ELEC Fitness Elective 1
CIS 111 Intro. To Computer Application 3 CSC 124 Intro. to Information Technology 3
PHYS 116 Principles of Physics I 4 PHS 115 College Physics I ** 4
ENG 216 Technical Report Writing 3 ENL 201 Technical & Professional Communication 3
ENG 221 Public Speaking 3   Open Elective  
  Social Science Elective 3 ENL 201 Social Science Elective 3

* If the student completes MATH 136 at Thaddeus Stevens it will only satisfy MTH 124 (Math requirement for the A.A.S. degree at Penn College). The student will need to complete MTH 125, MTH 180 and MTH 182 to earn the B.S. degree.

** Acceptable Substitute for PHS 103, which is required by the BHD major

HVAC Technology Major Courses

These courses will substitute as a block. Major-specific courses are not evaluated individually. Students completing all of the listed courses from Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology will receive credit for all of the listed Penn College courses in their respective semesters.

Substitute TSCT Courses PCT Construction Courses
      Total Credits:  51
Course Number Course Title Course Number Course Title Number of Credits
HVAC 122 OSHA Elec. & Construction Safety ACR111 Intro. to Refrigeration 5
HVAC 126 Electrical Fundamentals of HVAC PLH112 Mechanical Systems I 5
HVAC 130 Electrical Components ELT 250 HVAC/R Electricity 5
HVAC 134 Electrical Circuits ACR236 Air Conditioning Systems I 3
HVAC 138 Lab Practice I: Elec. Applications ACR238 Air Conditioning System I Load Calculations & Design 2
HVAC 142 HVAC Installation Principles ELT252 HVAC Controls I Residential 4
HVAC 146 Lab Practice II: Installation Apps. PLH236 Basic Heating Systems Installation 3
HVAC 150 Principles of Refrigeration PLH238 Basic Heating Systems Heat Loss Calculation & System Design 2
HVAC 155 Residential Heating Systems ACR249 Advanced HVAC System Service 3
HVAC 160 Lab Practice III: Heating Apps. ACR251 Warm Air Heating & Duct Design 3
HVAC 165 Comfort Cooling Systems ELT253 HVAC Controls II Commercial 4
HVAC 170 Lab Practice IV: Cooling Apps. PLH244 Hydronic Heating Systems 4
HVAC 175 Refrigerant Management ACR124 Refrigeration Applications – Commercial Systems/Equipment 4
HVAC 180 Mechanical Codes for HVAC/R ACR126  Refrigeration Applications – Commercial Installation/Service * 4
HVAC 206 Air Conditioning Systems      
HVAC 211 Heat Pump Systems      
HVAC 216 Systems Installation and Start Up      
HVAC 221 Commercial Refrigeration      
HVAC 256 Load Calculations      
HVAC 261 Controls of HVAC      
HVAC 266 Ventilation      
HVAC 271 System Servicing/Troublshooting      

* Satisfy Commercial Refrigeration Elective Requirement

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