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Articulation Agreement: Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Facilities Technology with GateWay Community College


Students who transfer to Penn College are responsible for meeting all graduation requirements of their chosen degrees, including the established minimums that dictate the number of credits that must be completed at Penn College.

Course Transfer Equivalencies

General Education Courses

For those who meet the Transfer Requirements, the following course equivalencies apply:

GateWay Community College Penn College
  Total Credits:  26 or 27   Total Credits:  24
Course Number Course Title Number of Credits Course Number Course Title Number of Credits
ENG 102 First Year Composition 3 ENL 111 English Comp I 3
MAT 150 Or
MAT 151
College Algebra/Functions 4 or 5 MTH 180 College Algebra & Trig I 3
BPC 110 Computer Usage and Applications 3 CSC 124 Information, Technology and Society 3
COM 100 Introduction to Communications 3 SPC 101 Fundamentals of Speech (To satisfy an Open Elective) 3
CRE 111 Critical Reading for Business and Industry 3 RDG 111 College Reading, Reasoning and Study Skills (To satisfy an Open Elective) 3
PHY 101 Introduction to Physics 4 PHS 103 Physics Survey 3
  Humanities/Fine Arts Elective 3   Humanities/Art Elective 3
  Social/Behavioral Science Elective 3   Social Science Elective 3

Neither MAT 103AA, MAT 103AB nor MAT 122 will satisfy MTH 180 at Penn College. Students must complete either MAT 150 or MAT 151 to satisfy MTH 180.

HVAC Technology Major Courses

These groups of courses will substitute as a block. Major-specific courses are not evaluated individually; students completing all of the listed courses from GateWay Community College will receive credit for all of the listed Penn College courses in their respective semesters.

GateWay Community College Penn College
  Total Credits:  41   Total Credits:  53
Course Number Course Title Number of Credits Course Number Course Title Number of Credits
HVA 101/HVA 101LL Refrigeration Applications and Components I/Lab 3 ACR111 Introduction to Refrigeration 5
HVA 103/HVA 103LL Refrigeration Applications & Components II/Lab 3 PLH 112 Mechanical Systems I 5
FAC 105/FAC 105LL Electricity for Industry/Lab 4 ELT 250 HVAC/R Electricity 5
HVA 112/HVA 112LL Heating & Air Conditioning/Lab 4 ACR 236 Air Conditioning Systems I 3
FAC 115/FAC 115LL Motors, Controls, & Wiring Diagrams/Lab 4 ACR 238 Air Conditioning System I (Load Calculations & Design) 2
HVA 143 Load Calculation & Duct Design 3 ACR 118 Print Reading and Interpretation 1
FAC 186 Electro-Mechanical Devices 3 ELT 252 HVAC Controls I - Residential 4
FAC 210/FAC 210LL Facilities Air Conditioning/Lab 4 PLH 236 Basic Heating Systems (Installation) 3
FAC 220/FAC 220LL Controls & Instrumentation/Lab 4 PLH 238 Basic Heating Systems (Heat Loss Calculation & System Design) 2
FAC 231 Codes 3 ACR249 Advanced HVAC Systems Service 3
FAC 235/235LL Air & Water Balance/Lab 4 ACR 251 Warm Air Heating & Duct Design 3
OSH 106 Industrial Safety 2 ELT 253 HVAC Controls II - Commercial 4
      PLH 244 Hydronic Heating Systems 4
      PLH 124 Mechanical Systems II 5
      PLH 130 Mechanical Systems Lab Practices 3
      ACR 119 HVAC Automated Design 1

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