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Articulation Agreement: Building Automation Systems with Laney College


Students who transfer to Penn College are responsible for meeting all graduation requirements of their chosen degrees, including the established minimums that dictate the number of credits that must be completed at Penn College.

Course Transfer Equivalencies

General Education Courses

For those who meet the Transfer Requirements, the following course equivalencies apply:

Laney College Penn College
        Total Credits:  22
Course Number Course Title Number of Credits Course Number Course Title Number of Credits
MATH 002 Pre-Calculus With Analytic Geometry 5 MTH 180
MTH 182
College Algebra & Trig I
College Algebra & Trig II
ENGL 1A Composition & Reading 4 ENL 111 English Composition I 3
CIS I Introduction to Computer Information Systems 4 CSC 124 Information, Technology, and Society 3
ENGL 1B Composition & Reading 4 ENL 121 English Composition II (acceptable substitute for ENL 201) 3
ECT 001 Physics for Building Science 4 PHYS 114 Physics With Technology Applications 4
  Humanities or Social Science Elective 3   Humanities or Social Science Elective 3

Building Science and Sustainable Design Major Courses

These courses will substitute as a block. Major-specific courses are not evaluated individually. Students completing all of the listed Laney College courses will receive credit for all of the listed Penn College courses in their respective semesters.

Substitute Laney College Courses PCT Construction Courses
        Total Credits:  45
Course Number Course Title Number of Credits Course Number Course Title Number of Credits
ECT 214 Technical Mathematics for ECT 3   Directed Building Science & Sustainable Design Electives (Semester 1) 12
E/ET 202 Fundamentals of Electricity for ECT 2   Directed Building Science & Sustainable Design Electives (Semester 2) 12
E/ET 037 or ECT 037 Introduction to PC Hardware and Software for Building Technicians 3   Directed Building Science & Sustainable Design Electives (Semester 3) 11
ECT 011 Mechanical and Electrical Devices and Controls 2   Directed Building Science & Sustainable Design Electives (Semester 4) 10
ECT 022 Commercial HVAC Systems 2      
ECT 024 Commercial HVAC System Troubleshooting 2      
ECT 021 Introduction to Direct Digital Controls 2      
ECT 031 or E/ET 031 Introduction to DDC Hardware for Building Automation Systems 3      
E/ET 221 Motors and Drives 2      
ECT 027 Advanced Digital Direct Controls 2      
ECT 025 Introduction to Building Commissioning 2      
ECT 012 Blueprint Reading and Interpretation for ECT 1.5      
ECT 032 Control Systems Design 2      
ECT 033 or E/ET 033 Control Systems Networking 3      
ECT 212 Testing, Adjusting and Balancing 2      
ECT 034 Control Routines for Energy Efficiency 2      
ECT 035 Control Systems Integration 2      
ECT 036 Energy Issues, Policies, and Codes 1.5      
ECT 029 Data Analysis for Performance Monitoring 2      
ECT 026 Advanced Building Commissioning 3      

NOTE: To ensure that transfer students have the same essential foundation in sustainability issues and building materials as students enrolling from Penn College's two year majors, transfer students will be required to complete ACH 262 (Sustainability: Building/Living Green) and either ACH 119 (Building Materials I) or BCT 117 (Construction Materials and Applications I) in their first semester after transferring. Successful completion of these courses will prepare students for the upper-level courses required in the remainder of the program.

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