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Articulation Agreement: Construction Management and Supervision with Frederick Community College


Students who transfer to Penn College are responsible for meeting all graduation requirements of their chosen degrees, including the established minimums that dictate the number of credits that must be completed at Penn College.

Course Transfer Equivalencies

General Education Courses

These courses are evaluated individually and must be completed with a grade of ‘C’ of better.

Frederick CC Penn College
        Total Credits: 25
Course Number Course Title Credits Course Number Course Title Number of Credits
ENG 101 English Composition I 3 ENL 111 English Composition I  3
CMPS 103 Speech Fundamentals 3 SPC 101 Fundamentals of Speech 3
MA 111 Pre-Calculus
(See Footnote)
3 MTH 190 Pre-Calculus
(See Footnote)
Wellness Elective 3 OEA Open Elective 3
PY 201 Fundamentals of Physics
(See Footnote)
4 PHS 115 College Physics I
(See Footnote)
ID 209 Ethnic Diversity 3 BPT Cultural Diversity Elective 3
Social Science Elective 3 SSE Social Science Elective 3

NOTE: MA 111(Pre-Calculus) from Frederick Community College is equivalent to MTH 190 (Pre-Calculus) at Penn College. This course will be used to satisfy both MTH 180 (College Algebra & Trig. I) and MTH 182 (College Algebra & Trig II).

Although not a requirement for Frederick Community College’s Construction Management & Supervision major, it is recommended that the transfer student complete PY 201 (Fundamentals of Physics) to allow transfer credit for PHS 115 (College Physics I), to enhance the probability of completing the Construction Management Bachelor Degree in two years.

Construction Management Major Courses

These groups of courses will substitute as a block if satisfactorily completed with a GPA of 2.0 or higher. Courses are not evaluated individually; students completing all of the listed FCC courses will receive credit for all of the listed PCT courses in their respective semesters.

Substitute Frederick Courses PCT Construction Courses
        Total Credits: 39
Course Number Course Title Credits Course Number Course Title Credits
CON 101 Intro. to Construction Management 3 BCM 103 Intro. to Construction Management 3
CON 132 Materials & Methods of Construction I 3 BCM 105 Materials & Methods of Construction I 3
CON 133 Materials & Methods of Construction II 3 BCM 125 Materials & Methods of Construction II 3
CON 140 Architectural Blueprint Reading 3 BCM 115 Drafting & Plan Reading 3
CON 131 Construction Law 3 BCM 240 Computers in Construction 3
CON 204 Construction Project Estimating 3 BCM 280 Construction Estimating 3
CON 206 Construction Project Scheduling 3 BCM 340 Project Planning, Scheduling and Control 3
CON 203 Principles of Site Management 3 BCM 350 Construction Jobsite Management 3
CON 150
CON 171
Applied Practices in Construction/Construction Management

Green Building and Introduction to LEED and Other Rating Systems
3 BCM Directed Construction Management Elective 3
CON 205 Construction Accounting and Financial Management 3 BCB Directed Construction Management/Business Management Elective 3
CON 151 Applied Practices in Construction/Construction Management 3 OEA Open Elective 3
CON 200 Construction Surveying 3 BCM 230 Construction Surveying 3
CON 202 Mechanical & Electrical Systems 3 BCM 305 Mechanical & Electrical Systems for Buildings 3

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