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The Hospitality industry is a "people" business. Success demands excellence in products and service that can only result when members function as a team. Our laboratories are designed to provide skill training in all areas of the industry and stress teamwork in every aspect of production and service. Your performance in all laboratory settings reflects on you personally but also on your team and the College.

We ask that you set your goals high and share in our pride. The following requirements for the kitchen uniform will ensure all students are taking a strong first step toward personal success. This policy reflects current industry standards for personal appearance and professional uniform.

Required Uniform for Food Preparation [Uniform Ordering]

  1. White Chef's jacket - plain, no decoration, Penn College logo affixed. See embroidery standards.
  2. Check chef's pants, straight leg - cotton or blend, no knits, sweats or spandex.
  3. Royal blue neckerchief.
  4. White, bib style chef apron and student color side towel (Purchase at least 2).
  5. Socks - White or black socks, over ankle - no nylon stockings.
  6. Shoes: All black-fully enclosed rubber/skid resistant shoes. Shoe body must be vinyl or leather - no fabrics. Laces - black and shoes tied. Shoes must be maintained and clean.
  7. White shirts under chef's jacket - shirt decals must not be visible through jacket.
  8. Embroidered name on chef jacket. Please see embroidery standards.
  9. Chef's hat - 9 inch, paper hat OR a 9-inch toque-style cloth hat. Both styles are available through the College Store. Cloth, "floppy-style" or any other style hat is not permitted.

Uniform and Personal Appearance Standards

Uniform Appearance Standards:

  1. Chef pants must be worn at the waist.
  2. Chef pants hemmed to top of shoe - no banded cuffs or roll ups permitted.
  3. Chef coats must be clean and pressed.
  4. Chef coats must be fully buttoned.
  5. Chef hat must be clean with no sign of yellowing or pilling.

Personal Appearance Standards:

  1. No piercings of any kind are permitted in the kitchen.**
  2. Jewelry - not permitted in lab classes, except for one plain metal band.
  3. Hair - must be contained within the hat, including bangs, and hair must not touch uniform collar. To prevent hair from touching the collar, a hairnet must be worn which the student must purchase (male/female).
  4. Beards - not permitted. No facial hair or stubble below lower lip. A mustache is acceptable but must not fall over upper lip and kept trimmed. Sideburns must be no longer than the ear lobe, straight cut with no "shaved lines" or excessive styles.
  5. No fingernail polish - nails neat and trimmed to finger length. Artificial fingernails are not permitted.
  6. Students must meet industry standards of personal hygiene for preparing safe food.

Variations of the uniform policy or use of personal cosmetic enhancements that may be a violation of the uniform policy will be evaluated by the school dean. The dean has final authority on enforcement of the uniform policy.

Full uniform compliance is required during any food production activity. Students must also be in full uniform while doing food demonstrations or tours, or representing the School of Business & Hospitality unless otherwise directed by a full-time faculty member.

** No exceptions made for mid-semester piercing.

Specifications for Embroidery on Student Chef Jackets

Please follow these directions for embroidery.

  • First name and last name on front-right side of jacket, 4 to 6 inches below shoulder seam. Lettering should be "block" style using capital letters with lowercase in black thread.
  • Formal names only, no nicknames, logos, or script style on jackets.
  • Maximum height of letters should be 1/2 inch, minimum height of lowercase letters are 1/4 inch high.
  • This option is for student chef jackets only; a nametag is still needed for Tableservice.

Required Le Jeune Chef Dining Room Uniform [Uniform Ordering]

For Professional Tableservice FHD 144

  • Stone colored long sleeve shirt
  • Necktie
  • Black tux pants
  • Black dress shoes
  • Black socks
  • Brown bistro apron
  • Stone colored long sleeve shirt
  • Necktie
  • Black dress pants
  • Black dress shoes
  • Black socks
  • V-neck brown apron

For Wine & Beverage Service FHD 146 and Advanced Dining Room Management FHD 255

  • Stone colored long sleeve shirt
  • Necktie
  • Black tux pants
  • Black dress shoes
  • Black socks
  • Black vest

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