Professional Baking
Competency Credential

The competency credential in Professional Baking provides students with basic skills in baking and pastry arts.

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Open House

Open House

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Professional Baking
Professional Baking
Professional Baking

About the curriculum


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Accreditation & Industry Connections
Certified Pastry Culinarian

Students who complete the program and maintain an active Junior Membership in the local A.C.F. Chapter are eligible to become Certified Pastry Culinarians.

After graduation

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for bakers was $23,160 in May 2013. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $17,300.The top 10 percent earned more than $37,110.

Industries with the highest published employment for this occupation are:

Industry Employment Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage
Bakeries and Tortilla Manufacturing49,680$12.31$25,610
Grocery Stores46,210$12.09$25,140
Restaurants and Other Eating Places26,880$11.23$23,350
Specialty Food Stores5,360$11.56$24,040
Traveler Accommodation3,130$15.69$32,630

Statistics reported in May 2013

Internship Requirement

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Tools, Uniforms & Supplies

Uniforms/Special Equipment Needs

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Uniforms and tools are available for purchase through The College Store.

Clubs & Activities

American Culinary Federation

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Penn College Diners' Club

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Student Government Association (SGA)

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Hospitality Advisory Committee

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Advisory committees, which act as recommending bodies to the faculty and administration, consist of in-field professionals who act as partners in the development of curriculum. Their curricular and equipment advice as well as their industry connections and internship opportunities are invaluable to our students and to the growth of our institution.

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