Residence Life History

On-campus housing at Pennsylvania College of Technology is a relatively new concept. In the initial years of the institution, when it was known as Williamsport Technical Institute and then as the Williamsport Area Community College, students would either commute from home or lease an off-campus apartment to be near the College.

In 1989, the institution became affiliated with The Pennsylvania State University and transformed into Pennsylvania College of Technology. At that point, the decision was made not to build on-campus housing since the Williamsport community provided various housing options to the students.

In 1994, Penn College began to review and assess many areas of the institution including the status of student housing. After consulting various students, parents, faculty and staff, the College realized that there was a high demand and need for student housing that was clean, safe, comfortable and secure. Many students also stated that they felt a lack of connection and involvement in college activities when they lived off campus. In order to fill all of these needs, the College decided to build or acquire our on-campus residence halls.

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