Message to Parents

President Gilmour

Dear Parent/Guardian:

You and I now share a common interest your son and daughter, who is a Pennsylvania College of Technology student.

I know that sending a child off to college fills you with mixed emotions. You are full of hope for the future and you are concerned about their safety and security as they go into the world as independent individuals.

We have a responsibility as parents and educators to help them develop the skills they need to think independently and to make good choices as they go through life. There will be challenges along the way; how we respond to the challenges will be important.

College students gain the greatest advantage when they learn to face challenges and work through difficulties in order to succeed. We cannot always be there for them; the best we can do is to prepare them to act appropriately and consider the consequences of their choices.

We all must do our part to prepare them to protect themselves, not only from crime and/or rare, violent acts in society, but also from the more frequent, more personal battles against other societal pressures.

Talk to your son or daughter about his/her emotional wellbeing. Discuss the pressures to drink, do drugs, and party. Speak frankly about sexual misconduct.

The health and safety of your sons and daughters matter to us at Penn College. That is why we are committed to ensuring that drug-free/alcohol-free campus policies are enforced.

Urge your son or daughter to keep his/her priorities in mind and find the right balance of education and recreation. It does not make sense to put the party above the real priorities - going to class, doing homework, and participating in student clubs and organizations.

Because students often need help making good choices, we offer on-campus counseling, academic support, and programs to help meet challenges - ranging from free tutoring to drug and alcohol abuse counseling.

Talk to your student about the serious consequences of alcohol use especially underage and binge drinking and illegal drug use.

Stay in regular communication as your son or daughter adjusts to college life. Be alert for any changes that might indicate he/she is having problems that could affect his/her health or wellbeing. Encourage your son/daughter to seek help whenever he/she needs it.

Every family, every campus, and every community has the same hopes and the same concerns for its own.

No one is immune from the potential dangers of the 21st century, even in central Pennsylvania. But it is important for you to know that we care and we are ready to respond should an emergency occur on our campus.

Penn College Police - who are armed and have full powers of arrest - protect our campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our officers' top priority is the safety of our campus community, most especially our students.

We have communications mechanisms in place text messaging, e-mails, online and on-site notifications to keep the campus informed if an emergency should occur. Please encourage your son or daughter to subscribe to PCT Alerts and to turn to official source of information in the event of an emergency on campus.

It is important that your son or daughter understands his/her responsibilities and priorities as a Penn College student. I appreciate your support in encouraging him/her to take every opportunity to be engaged in the Penn College experience.

At each year's commencement ceremonies, I am reminded that many of our most successful graduates are those who reached out for support and assistance when they needed it. Asking for help is a prerequisite for a successful life. Please encourage your son or daughter to take responsibility for meeting the challenges and opportunities of college life.

I appreciate that your family has chosen Penn College. I pledge to you that we will do our best to earn the trust you have placed upon us.


Davie Jane Gilmour, Ph.D. President

Pennsylvania College of Technology
One College Avenue
Williamsport, PA 17701


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