President's Message
Why I Give

President Gilmour

An important role for any college president today is to help raise funds to support institutional needs – especially the need for student scholarships.

This is a part of my job that really speaks to my heart.

I would like to live in a world where children do not go to bed hungry and where differences are embraced and respected, where individual acts of kindness begin an avalanche of change.

I know that the kind of world I envision can be achieved when all citizens have the knowledge, the skills, and the will to work together to achieve common goals.  Access to a strong, educational foundation will help us to develop these characteristics and advance our civilization.

When I give – and when I ask others to give – I keep in mind my hope for a world impacted by competent and caring people who are committed to helping one another. I believe in the potential we have to create the world we envision.

Family provided the foundation for my commitment to philanthropy. My mother, now in her eighties, is an active education supporter and community volunteer. My late father urged me to always take the high moral ground. He taught me to treat all people with respect and to see each one as an individual – not a title, level, or station in life. We are born equal and we deserve an equal opportunity to be successful in life.

The success of our nation and the world is built upon the energy and enthusiasm of men and women – like my parents and others of their generation – who committed to giving their all to strengthen our workforce and our communities.

Today, we have an opportunity to help a new generation pursue the American dream.

Never has the need been greater. Many who have the potential to succeed find the cost of college beyond their means. We, who truly understand the value of a “degree that works,” can make a difference.

A significant financial investment is needed to provide scholarships for students and to maintain classrooms and labs that will prepare them for success in a modern world. As the competition for public funds increases, the challenge becomes even greater.

If you have ever known an individual who had great potential, but lacked the resources to fund the kind of education and training that could help him or her succeed, you know how life changing our gifts can be.

You and I can make a difference. Our gifts to The Penn College Fund directly support students through scholarships, programs, and services. By choosing the type of gift that reflects our personal interests, we can ensure a brighter future for students who wish to connect with our most cherished programs and services.

I hope you will join me in giving to The Penn College Fund. Our gifts will work to build the better world we all envision.

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