Centennial Colloquia Proposal

Baseline Information/Suggestions

  • Review the initial announcement and informational piece.
  • As you consider the technology-society focus, you may find it useful to review the expectations of the "Science, Technology, and Society" courses required in baccalaureate majors (posted on the Academic Affairs portal); the Curriculum Manual (also on the Academic Affairs portal) includes more information.
    NOTE: These documents are available to only College employees via the Academic Affairs department portal.
  • Consider the intended audience: students, faculty/staff, and community with the possibility of extending that audience via video availability.
  • Given the diversity of majors on campus, aim to provide cross-program appeal for the presentation; a too-narrow topic (e.g., "The Next Generation of Fuel Injection Systems") will automatically limit the audience.
  • Consider the "adoptability" of related text/s for your classes or those of your colleagues.
  • If/As you have questions and/or want to "test" a potential topic, the committee will respond via email from the following address CentennialColloquiaCommittee@pct.edu.
  • Like all colloquia, this one establishes a dialogue; it can begin with clarification between presenter and committee; continues to the presentation itself via the Q/A and the ideas generated; and includes also the "concluding dialogue" in January 2015.
  • In addition to the stipend of $500, the College will host the reception following the presentation and provide assistance as needed.
  • DEADLINE - October 21; send electronically to the committee via e-mail to the following address CentennialColloquiaCommittee@pct.edu.

The Proposal is a document that should include the following information:

  • Your name/contact information (phone and email)
  • Your preferred month for the presentation (February, March, April, September, October, or November 2014)
  • Working title
  • Abstract (with enough information to facilitate the committee’s understanding of your content)
  • A brief bibliography (title, author, pub. date)

Proposal Rubric

The following list represents the rubric against which presentation proposals will be evaluated. The committee will, if appropriate, meet with potential presenters to clarify content, to gather insight into presentation style, and/or to view related materials.

Proposers are encouraged to consider this rubric as they draft their submissions.

Each proposal will be evaluated for inclusion in the series based on the degree to which it meets the following criteria:

  • Is current, scholarly, and relevant
  • References the past, present, future with emphasis on where we’re going
  • Links technology and society in a conceptual or thematic way
  • Is a topic with significant interest
    • Will draw students and faculty/staff
    • Appeals to a variety of majors
    • Is likely to engage a public and community audience
  • Lends itself to further discussion/debate
  • Offers the potential for in-classroom reference, including possibility of text adoption, especially in multiple courses or sections of a course
  • Includes a bibliography with both current and foundational entries

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