Technology and Society:
The Centennial Colloquia Series


  • Engage students, faculty/staff, and community in an academic enrichment activity
  • Extend the students’ classroom experiences
  • Provide a forum for faculty/staff to share their research and expertise
  • Schedule two external (published) presenters
  • Celebrate the Centennial via the historic and continuing commitment of the institution to applied technology

Commitment of presenters

  • Provide a bibliography
  • If book-based, consider adoption for in-class use
  • Agree to media interviews, if requested
  • Agree to placement of recorded presentation on YouTube, if requested
  • Provide material for press releases/brochure
  • Participate in “Concluding Dialogue” with other campus presenters, January 2015


  • Evening presentations of 45 minutes to one hour with Q/A to follow; reception thereafter
  • All on topic related to technology and society
  • Venue to be identified (ACC Auditorium, PDC Mt. Laurel Room, SASC Presentation Room, CC Penn’s Inn)
  • Videotaped
  • Single presenter or panel

Commitment to presenters

  • Stipend of $500
  • Assistance – as requested – with preparation of visuals
  • Promotion of the event both internally and externally


  • One per month (February, March, April, September, October, and November 2014)

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