All vehicles parked in campus parking facilities weekdays must display a current parking permit on the rearview mirror. All parking permits remain the property of Penn College.

Students - Permits for the 2014-15 academic year will be available for purchase through SIS starting July 31.

Visitors - Obtain a temporary parking permit at the Penn College Police Office.

Important notes about permits:

  • All parking on College property is at your own risk.
  • Permits are not transferable person to person.
  • A permit may not be used by anyone other than the registered permit holder.
  • Duplication of parking permits is strictly prohibited.
  • Student Permits only valid in parking lots with matching permit and sign color.

Penn College Parking Permits DO NOT authorize parking at ANY non-College facility, including on-street parking where "Permit Required" signs are posted. These areas require a private parking permit.

Parking Map

See the Main Campus Parking map for areas designated for parking on the Penn College campus. Lines are also color-coded on the parking lots to help distinguish designated areas:

Parking Stall Diagram

Commuter Students
yellow lines
green signed lots

Resident Students
yellow lines
orange and yellow signed lots

white lines
Visitor stalls are marked by signage and are only for visitors to our campus. Employees and students are not permitted to park in these spaces.

white lines
blue signed lots

white lines & numbers
blue signed lots

blue lines


Motorcycles must display a current Penn College sticker. Special areas are set aside for motorcycle parking in the Hager Lifelong Education Center (LEC), Bush Campus Center (CC), Avco-Lycoming Metal Trades Center (MTC), and Parkes Automotive Technology Center (ATC) lots.

Persons with disabilities & veterans

An official Pennsylvania person with disability or disabled veteran parking placard AND a current Penn College parking permit are required when parking in an area designated for persons with disabilities.

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