Lost or Found Property

The Penn College Police office is the official repository for all lost items found on the grounds of any College-owned facility.

Find Something?

Contact College Police and make arrangements for the item to be picked up or delivered to the Police Office, located in Penn’s Loft, at the corner of West Third and Grier Streets.

Lose Something?

Report property lost on campus by contacting the College Police or completing a lost property form at the Police Office so that you can be notified in the property is found.

Found Property

College Police will hold found property as follows:

  • Property of no obvious monetary or sentimental value – 7 days (pencils, pens, notebooks, classroom supplies, food, etc.)
  • Property of an estimated value up to $100, and clothing of any value – 30 days
  • Property of an estimated value over $100 – 90 days (jewelry, electronic devices, thumb drives, cellular telephones, tools, bicycles, money, etc.)
  • Property removed by staff after the annual locker clearing notice – 30 days
  • Property removed by staff from the residence halls – 15 days after students check out
  • Property of separated employees regardless of value - 90 days

All found items not claimed within the appropriate time frame will be given to charity or processed and disposed of through the excess property auction.

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