National Hands-On Thermoforming Workshop Instructors

Mark Strachan
President of Global Thermoforming Technologies Inc.

Mark Strachan

Mark Strachan's career in the packaging industry started in 1982 while serving his apprenticeship as an Electronics Engineer for Metal Box South Africa.

He started his own plastics blister manufacturing business (PacMark) in the garage of his home, which quickly grew to a prominent plastics blister packaging and thermoforming business.

Strachan's hunger to learn more about the plastic industry led him to sell PacMark and move to Germany where he worked for a large plastics packaging manufacturing firm for three years and gained valuable handson experience in both the thermoforming and extrusion processes. He then moved to England to commission a new plastic food tray manufacturing plant.

Strachan relocated to Wales, UK for three years where he served as Engineer Manager for a large horticultural tray manufacturing business. Strachan then moved to Sencorp Systems in Massachusetts, where he worked for four years in both extrusion and thermoforming. With Sencorp, he traveled to many companies around the world assisting with the commissioning of new machines and training of their operators. (To mention a few: Duracell, Gillette, Loctite, Oral-B, Colgate, Gillette, PIMA, Mary Kay, Mullinix Packages, Tegrant Alloyd, Parpak, Precision Plastic Products, Fey Industries, etc.)

After that, he went to Commodore Machine Company in New York where he was responsible for technical support, commissioning, and training. During his time at Commodore, he traveled worldwide and assisted in the commissioning of foam tray manufacturing plants in Ghana; Africa; and Miami, Florida.

During the past 25 years, Mark has gained valuable experience in the plastics thermoforming and extrusion industry and related machinery. His increased request for assistance and his desire to impart this knowledge led to the formation of Global Thermoforming Training Technologies Inc. He has since been presenting classroom and hands-on training to thermoforming and sheet extrusion companies worldwide.

Jay Waddell
Founding Partner and Key Management Principal of Plastic Concepts & Innovations, LLC

Jay Waddell

Jay Waddell is the founding partner and key management principal of Plastic Concepts & Innovations, LLC, bringing the skills from 27 years of consulting and manufacturing in heavy-gauge thermoforming at Curd Enterprises, dba Multiplastics. He held numerous positions from Manufacturing Manager to Executive Vice President while at Multiplastics. In the plastics industry, Waddell is considered to be an expert in materials and manufacturing techniques, including twin-sheet thermoforming, pressure-forming, and CNC operations.

Waddell is experienced in developing products for industries as diverse as circuit-board handling packages to critical-care patient life-support systems and as mundane as bus end-caps and sanitary pieces. He is considered an expert in materials and manufacturing techniques having developed unique processes for fabrication and bonding of dissimilar materials, such as twinsheet forming of talc-filled olefins.

He has done extensive work in the development of Class-A thermoformed interior and exterior products for the major automobile manufacturers and their tier one suppliers. He has been active in the development of PVF and PVDF film technology in heavy-gauge thermoforming and the use of TPOs in exterior and interior applications. Under his leadership, PCI introduced heavy-gauge thermoforming of TPOs to the thermoforming industry. His company was instrumental in developing both forming and extrusion processes involving TPOs.

Waddell earned his BA at the Citadel and also continued his graduate studies in business there. He is a Senior Member of Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE) and has been a member of the national Board of Directors for the Thermoforming Division of the SPE for the past 20 years. He was the chairman for the 2002 Thermoforming Conference and has been a speaker and moderator at many other conferences.


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