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Fall 2010, Issue 2

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Communication With Students 101 by Mort Neely

Student texting

The first year of college is an unprecedented period of personal growth for most students, representing a grand step from dependence to independence. Many students will make this transition smoothly with no need for external supervision, guidance, or support. Others, however, will experience varying degrees of difficulty related to academic, social, or legal issues. No matter the difficulty a student encounters, there are support resources available to provide assistance. The most dedicated support resource any student has is his/her parents. The trick, however, is often convincing students to utilize them. This article will provide you with some background and insight that may be useful in terms of maximizing open communication with your student.

Communication with Students 101 article:


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Homecoming 2010

Homecoming logo

Homecoming Stage X: Building the Future was held this past weekend. Many students, alumni, employees, and parents attended the weekend's events that included various alumni reunions, an on-campus fireworks display, a student tailgate party, and much more.

Were you or your student there? Check out the PCToday photo gallery at


Advisers' Scheduling Guidance Can Save Time and Money

Faculty-student meeting

It is now time for students to start planning their Spring 2011 schedules. While scheduling begins on November 1, the planning process must begin earlier.

Choices made now can affect all future semesters, not to mention your student’s ability to graduate on time. For this reason, students are directed to meet with their adviser from October 18-29.

While it is the student’s responsibility to schedule classes that are appropriate to educational goals, student-adviser meetings prior to scheduling are vital. The adviser is an important resource in helping to identify courses to stay on track with the demands of the major.

In addition to guidance, the adviser provides the student's scheduling profile, which contains the student’s personalized Scheduling Access Number (SAN) and the day and time initial access to web scheduling is available.

Please encourage your student to meet with his or her adviser to ensure the best possible course selection. Taking the wrong course or taking a course out of sequence can lead to an extra semester and extra costs.

Additional scheduling information can be found on the Registrar’s website at Students can visit the Registrar’s portal site.


Important Dates

  • October 15-17: Fall Break
  • October 18-29: Student-adviser pre-scheduling meetings      
  • October 19-20: Career Fair
  • November 1-5: Scheduling week
  • November 16: Grad Finale
  • November 24-29: Thanksgiving break
  • December 1: Scholarship application for 2011-12 opens
  • December 6-10: Finals week       
  • December 18: Commencement

Student Involvement by Sara Hillis

Habitat student build day

Your student has wrapped up mid-terms, here is a pop quiz for you – why is your student in college?

I am sure your answers vary: to earn a degree, to get a job after college, for the experience. Ultimately, all of those answers have one thing in common: you sent your student to college to learn.

At Penn College, we believe in lifelong learning. Encouraging college students to broaden their horizons and try new experiences is critical to their development as well-rounded individuals. College is a time for students to grow into adults and begin to make choices on their own. However, as a parent, you can encourage your student to get involved in activities on campus. How does being involved benefit your student? Read this article to learn how.

Student Involvement article:


Grad Finale

Mom celebrating with graduate

Is your student graduating this December? Encourage your student to attend Grad Finale, November 16, in Penn's Inn to check off his/her commencement “to-do” list in one day! Pick up commencement tickets, purchase a cap and gown, order commencement announcements, and learn more about alumni benefits. We’ll have giveaways throughout the day, including caps and gowns, food, and drinks. Questions? Contact Alumni Relations at


Recipes from Home

Recipes from Home logo

Do you have a special recipe your student misses while away from home?

If so, consider participating in Dining Services' Recipes from Home program. All you need to do is submit your favorite family recipe to by Wednesday, November 3.

View the Recipes from Home letter for details:


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