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Fall 2010, Issue 1

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Empty Nest Syndrome by Michael DiPalma

Empty nest

I often joke with colleagues and students alike about having been in college since 1989 – as a son, student, and higher education professional. While that doesn't necessarily make me an expert, it has allowed me to develop a rather unique perspective regarding college life – for both students and parents alike. Below is the link to an open letter to mothers and fathers, and sons and daughters, regarding what has often been called "The Empty Nest Syndrome."

Empty Nest Syndrome letter:


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Parent Access to Student Records

SIS logo

Pennsylvania College of Technology supports the privacy of student records, as required by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). In compliance with FERPA, the College limits the disclosure of personal identifiable information from educational records without the student’s prior consent.

At the same time, we understand that you may wish to have access to your student’s records. As a result, Penn College developed the “Grant Parent/Guest Access” option on the Student Information System (SIS). This option allows students to release educational and other information to parents, legal guardians, and guests.

If you would like access to your student’s records on SIS, please ask your student to setup a User ID and password for you. If you have lost your User ID and/or password, your student can access that information for you through the “Grant Parent/Guest Access” option on SIS.


Important Dates

  • September 24-26: Parent & Family Weekend
  • October 8: Petition to graduate deadline
  • October 8-10: Homecoming
  • October 15-17: Fall Break
  • October 18-29: Student-adviser pre-scheduling meetings      
  • October 19-20: Career Fair
  • November 1-5: Scheduling week
  • November 24-29: Thanksgiving break
  • December 6-10: Finals week       
  • December 18: Commencement

Parent & Family Weekend

Hot air balloon ride

Visiting your student is tremendously helpful in the transition from living at home to living away from home and is a great way to keep in contact and to learn about the Penn College experiences he or she is having. And, Parent & Family Weekend offers a great opportunity for you to do just that.

Parent & Family Weekend is September 24-26. The weekend includes interactive workshops presented by Penn College faculty members, an informative workshop about financial aid, trolley tours of Williamsport, meals catered by Le Jeune Chef, and free entertainment including: ventriloquist comedian Lynn Trefzger, tethered hot air balloon rides, and casino night. For a detailed schedule of events and to register for the weekend, visit

Even if you are unable to visit during Parent & Family Weekend, we hope you will consider visiting your student in the upcoming year.


Academic Success Center

Tutoring Center

College is a big investment of both time and money. Naturally, you want to see your student succeed. The Academic Success Center (ASC) offers FREE assistance with understanding course material, developing time management and study skills, dealing with test anxiety, establishing an individualized plan for academic success, and more.

ASC hosts the Tutoring Center and the Writing Center, both of which offer drop in and by-appointment tutoring sessions. In addition, Small Group Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction are available for specific courses found to be especially difficult for students. A 24-hour/7 days-a-week online tutoring service is available through

ASC also offers mentoring for interested students. For students who want to truly master the art of being a top-notch student, Project Success – a free study skills course that provides hands-on instruction in the art and science of student success – is the ideal experience.

Encourage your student to make the Academic Success Center (Klump Academic Center, Room 141) a regular stop. Students can check the myPCT portal to gain access to on-demand resources and tutorials, to check tutoring hours, and to schedule tutoring appointments. We look forward to seeing your student in the Academic Success Center!


Disability Services

Blind student with service dog

Disability Services understands and recognizes that parents and guardians play a significant role in helping students prepare for college life. We understand that this is a time of transition, not only for the students, but also for you. To assist you in this transition, review the handbook for parents of students with disabilities at

We hope the handbook answers your questions and provides a better understanding of the differences between high school and college regarding accommodations, rights, and responsibilities and how they are addressed.


College Health Services

College Health Services

As fall begins and the weather turns colder, you may worry about how your student will fare during the first cold and flu season away from home. Fortunately, College Health Services is here to support your student’s health and wellness while attending Penn College. We offer a range of prevention programs, conduct health and wellness education, and can also provide care for a range of health issues – from dealing with the inconvenience of the common cold to assisting with the management of chronic health issues. We are designed to be your student’s primary care physician while away from home.

Located in the Bush Campus Center, Room 150, the office is open Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.-8 p.m., during the academic year. Services are confidential, and there is no charge for office visits. Nominal fees are charged for immunizations, medications, and supplies received, and those can be paid through cash, check, or credit card. For more information about our full range of services, visit


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