Off-Campus Housing List

Penn College Police active patrol zoneThe Off-Campus Housing List contains listings based on the following criteria:

  • All units meet the minimum requirements of the Williamsport Bureau of Codes, which follows standards established by the International Code Council (ICC). The codes inspection encompasses, but is not limited to, building soundness, and electrical and safety conditions. Properties on the list have been inspected within the last year.
  • Units are available for rent exclusively by students at Pennsylvania College of Technology.
  • Units are within the Penn College Police active patrol zone.

Apartment Shopping

General Advice for Parents and Students When Looking for an Off-Campus Apartment

  1. Only look at properties listed on the Off-Campus Housing List.
  2. Make copies off all your paperwork and photos when apartment searching. Use the Apartment Inspection Checklist to keep track of your searches
  3. Don't sign a lease until you have met with the landlord face-to-face.
  4. Don't sign a lease until you have toured your specific apartment.
  5. Don't sign a lease unless you are absolutely sure that will be attending Penn College and you are sure that is where you want to live.

Find a Roommate or Apartment

Once accepted, students can utilize the myPCT E-mporium classifieds site (log in required) to look for roommates, rentals, and sales.

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