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The Earth Science Library has existed in various forms throughout the years. Prior to the recent building expansion, the Library was housed in a small room and was primarily used as a student reading/testing area. There was no full-time employee designated to coordinate the day-to-day activities in this “old” library. Any library-related occurrences were handled by the secretary. Today, in the new facility, the Earth Science Library has taken on a more structured role on the Earth Science campus. Year after year, the collections are enhanced to more adequately support the curricula taught on that campus. Many of the faculty are actively involved in this endeavor in an attempt to make this growing entity a vital part of the Earth Science campus. Additionally, there is a full-time employee whose primary responsibility is the coordination of the library’s daily function. This person, along with the dedicated faculty and administration, continue to improve this small but essential instructional support facility.


The collections housed at the Earth Science Library consist of a small but growing group of reference books, a fairly extensive list of periodical titles, and an ever expanding room of videos. All of the titles in each of these categories are selected with one goal in mind: to support the curricula taught at the Earth Science Center. For the most part, none of the materials in the Library circulate except for videos, which is a collection of over 300 titles. Exceptions can be made at the discretion of the Library coordinator.


Should you need assistance with any Earth Science Library related matter, contact Renee Bitler, Earth Science Library coordinator, or Alan Buck, cataloging librarian and branch library liaison.

Earth Science Center Library

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