School Counts!

School Counts! Program

School Counts

The program is simple. Students keep their grades up, come to school on time, take challenging academic courses and stay out of trouble. School Counts! encourages students to make the most of their important high school years and acquire the habits they will need to succeed.

Employers are facing unprecedented levels of competition on a global scale which may eventually impact the ability of our children to obtain good jobs and maintain the quality of life that we would wish for them. As a result, the Central Pennsylvania business and education community is uniting to support the implementation of higher school standards and increased student accountability.

Many businesses and school districts have committed to the development and implementation of higher performance expectations for students through a program called School Counts!

This program was originally adapted from the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce's School Counts! program by the Tri-Chamber Foundation, a business-education partnership centered in Columbia and Montour counties in 2003. Since then, it has gone regional and is now offered to students and businesses throughout Central Pennsylvania.

School Counts! Credentials

There are five School Counts! Credentials that students can earn during high school. Only teachers, guidance counselors or principals can award School Counts! Credentials. There are four annual School Counts! Credentials -- one for each year of high school. If you earn all four of the annual credentials, you will be eligible for the School Counts! Graduate Credential.

School Counts! Criteria:

  • Obtain a grade of ‘C’ or better in every course
  • Achieve a 95% attendance rate and punctuality record
  • Completed high school in eight consecutive semesters
  • Taken more than the minimum graduation requirements
  • Demonstrate positive behavior including no out of school suspensions

How to Participate

Register to be a School Counts! student or business partner.


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