School Counts! FAQs

School Counts
What if a student is not going to work during or after high school?

They may still use their certificate to accompany their resume or portfolio when they begin the job search process.

Shouldn’t a student’s attendance be higher than 95%?

The student attendance and absenteeism criteria are set by most schools' attendance policy. To obtain the certificate, the student must meet 100% of their school's attendance policy. It also compares to most industry leave policies.

How much does it cost?

Well, besides it costing nothing; it saves you time and money. In using it during the interview process you don't have to contact the high school inquiring about their attendance or grades or requesting a transcript (which all takes time and money).

Am I obligated to hire a person with a school Counts certificate?

No. All we ask is that each business partner use it as an additional piece added to the resume and/or application and to show that the student has put that extra effort.

What if I don’t hire High School Students?

In being a Business Partner you are not only showing support of the schools, you're supporting your community and many of your employees are parents of those students in your community.  The message is that you are part of your community and you care!!

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