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Philadelphia Tech Prep Consortium Program Approval Resources: School District of Philadelphia

Materials to be completed for each CIP code being requested for the program approval.

Can your program be approved this year?

Step 1: Is the program on the state’s program of study list? If so, follow the program of study process after Step 8. Otherwise begin with Step 2.

For non-program of study approvals

The High Priority Occupation (HPO) Standard: all programs must be on the current HPO list for your Workforce Investment Board Region.

Step 2: Examine the CIP to SOC crosswalk and determine which SOC codes are linked to your program. These are the only relevant codes for you to show that your program is on the high priority occupation list.

Step 3: Open the High Priority Occupation list for this year for your region. You can find the regions at the bottom of the spreadsheet on the tabs. Philadelphia region is called “Phila”. If any of the SOC codes that are linked with your CIP code is on the list, then you can continue.

The Curriculum Standard: the curriculum must match the CIP code description, must use the right NOCTI test and should have industry certifications for students.

Step 4: Once you have confirmed that your program meets the HPO standard, the next item is to examine the curriculum content. Go to the CIP code of your program and read the description. Does the program that is being delivered meet the content of the description? Does the competency/task list reflect the content of the CIP code?

Step 5: Does the program offer the NOCTI test described on the following crosswalk? Make note of the test number as this is required to be identified as part of the process.

Step 6: What industry certifications do students earn as part of this program? The attached list identifies industry certifications by CIP code.

The Teacher Qualification Standards: Teachers must be certified as linked with the CIP code and should have industry certifications.

Step 7: On the bottom of the CIP code page, examine the teacher certification requirements. Does the teacher meet these requirements? If not, then the program cannot be approved.

Step 8: What industry certifications have the teachers earned? Use the same list as the list above to identify any industry certification that the teacher has.

Program Approval for Program of Study

Visit the PDE website for current program of study information. Jim or Jeannette will help you through specifics of how to enter task lists, scope and sequence and other information.

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