Governor's Institute for Career Education and Work
Volunteers in Careers


Governor’s Institute for Career Education and Work Activity

by Lori Casanova and Greg Notestine


Volunteers in Careers

Standards Addressed
  • 13.2.11 G. Analyze the need for manipulative/motor skills.
  • 13.1.11 A. Analyze career options based on student interests, abilities, aptitudes, and accomplishments.
  • 13.1.11 B. Analyze how the changing male/female roles relate to career choices.
  • 13.1.11 D. Justify the selection of a career.
  • 13.2.11 B. Analyze and evaluate complex technical tasks using sophisticated processes.
  • 13.2.11 C. Analyze workplace problems and technological solutions.
  • 13.3.11 A. Analyze work habits needed to advance within a career.
  • 13.3.11 B. Evaluate conflict resolution skills.
  • 13.3.11 C. Evaluate team member roles to describe and illustrate active listening techniques.
  • ST 3.7 A,B,C,D,E; HSPE 10.4 A,B; HSPE 10.5 A,B,C,D
Brief Overview Students will assist the 3rd grade teacher with the activity CAREER RELAY, with the goal of analyzing the manner in which manipulative/motor skills are needed and used in various careers.
Grade Level 11th, 12th
Content Area(s) Tech Ed. Reading, Math, Physical Education
Other standards supported ASCA, PSCA, NCDG, EI-AHLA
Prep Time 60 minutes
Implementation Time 45 minutes
Learning Objectives Students will identify and analyze those manipulative/motor skills associated with various careers.
Materials Needed For each team:  Ace bandage, doll or mannequin, 4 plastic glasses, 4 paper plates, trays, 10 envelopes printed with first and last name and address, set of wooden blocks, balloon, acrylic paint, set of cosmetics, cot, sheets, pillow
Detailed Activity Steps
  1. Have students participate in career exploration programs.
  2. Assign students to the third grade class using career activity “Career Relay.”
  3. Prior to the relay races, students assist 3rd grade teacher with the setup of the materials used in “Career Relay”.
  4. During the relay races, older students will assist the younger students by reassembling the activities as younger students complete them.
  5. Upon conclusion of the races, older students will return to class to discuss the motor activities that they witnessed being performed by younger students, and to analyze the need for large motor skills and manipulative skills within these and other careers.
Theory basis Super Theory, Brown’s Values-Based Holistic Model
Evaluation/Assessment Present a quiz in which students will demonstrate their understanding of the need for motor and manipulative skills in various careers.
Comments This activity will present students with a unique opportunity to observe personality differences, and could be utilized with 11th grade students in a career class, a physical education class, or a psychology class.
Enhancement Activities
  1. Students may also discuss communication and teamwork skills that they have used and that they have seen demonstrated during the races by the younger students. Students will relate these skills to careers.
  2. Facilitate a discussion about changing gender roles in the workplace (within these and other occupations).
Adaptation for at risk kids Students with disabilities may contribute to the activity in ways in which their disability will allow, with consideration from the teachers involved.
Resources Handbook of Career Games, Second Edition, Joy Cobb & Robert Cormany (used to develop the 3rd grade activity)

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