Governor's Institute for Career Education and Work
The Real Game


Governor’s Institute for Career Education and Work Activity

by Steve Habowski, Tara Thall and Tom Harrison


The Real Game

Standards Addressed
  • 13.1 A Identify careers that are related to student interests, abilities, and aptitudes.
  • 1.2.8 Read and understand essential content of informational texts and documents in all academic areas.
Brief Overview Students will be able to identify how their job description/job title affects income, vacation, and leisure time.
Grade Level 8th
Content Area(s) Math, Reading
Other standards supported
  • PDE 1.2 and 1.6
Prep Time Three hours for Orientation
Implementation Time 19.5 - 27 sessions
Learning Objectives Students will identify a connection between a job title and a life-style
Materials Needed Student materials, Facilitator’s Guide materials, loose-leaf paper, calculators
Detailed Activity Steps
  1. Give students a list of sessions and the objectives of these sessions.
  2. Hand out student materials.
  3. Give each student a job card and the first work session.
  4. Complete each session’s assignment.
Theory basis Trait and Factor Theory
  1. Completion of work assignments.
  2. Oral reflection of how this job would fit who you are as a person.
Comments Reinforce two career goals for activities
  1. The starting point for thinking in the direction of a career field is who you are.
  2. Choose a career field that you enjoy because you will spend more time at work than at any other activity.
Enhancement Activities
  • Students will interview an adult who works in the job field selected. They will identify five aspects of that job that are advantages and five aspects that are disadvantages.
  • Students will dress up for the last session and present that interview information in the first person, not as a reporter.
Adaptation for at risk kids N/A
Resources The Real Game Kit, The Real Game Facilitator’s Guide

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