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Technology Usage Within Industry


Governor’s Institute for Career Education and Work Activity

by Thomasina Meeks-Owens


Technology Usage Within Industry

Standards Addressed
  • 13.2.3 C.  Describe the use of technology in the work force.
  • 1.6.3 A.  Listen to others.
  • 1.6.3 C.  Speak using skills appropriate to formal speech
  • 1.6.3 E.  Participate in small and large group discussions and presentations.
Brief Overview The students will be able to describe the use of technology in three industries.
Grade Level 3rd
Content Area(s) Social Studies
Other standards supported ASCA, PSCA, NCDG
Prep Time 20 minutes
Implementation Time 30-40 minutes
Learning Objectives The students will be able to select the appropriate industry for each technology discussed.
Materials Needed Magazines, glue, construction paper, scissors, markers, reference books
Detailed Activity Steps
  1. Clarify the definition of technology.
  2. Find at least three examples of technology in the magazines.
  3. Cut out the examples and paste them on the construction paper.
  4. Around each example of technology, write at least three jobs that can utilize that technology.
  5. Use reference books to find out what it takes to perform certain jobs.
  6. Present one example of technology and the jobs that utilize it to the class.
Theory basis Trait and Factor Theory
Evaluation/Assessment The students will discuss their industry choices with the class. The instructor will monitor the answers to insure that the students are matching each industry with the appropriate technology.
  1. Provide a visual example of a completed exercise.
  2. Remind the students that the same or similar technologies can be used in different industries.
Enhancement Activities Students will brainstorm examples of technology.
Adaptation for at risk kids Students will work with a partner.
  • Children’s Dictionary of Occupations
  • Parramore, Hopke, and Drier
  • Meridian Education Corporation; Princeton, NJ

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