Governor's Institute for Career Education and Work
Routes to The Future


Governor’s Institute for Career Education and Work Activity

by Elaine Durham and Joseph Schaeffer


Routes to The Future

Standards Addressed
  • 13.1.11 E – Evaluate all opportunities for transition from secondary to postsecondary education, training or work.
Brief Overview Students will decide how careers could be reached by formal education or on the job training.
Grade Level 11th
Content Area(s) Language arts, decision making
Other standards supported RWSL 1.8 A, B, C
Prep Time 10 minutes
Implementation Time 45 minutes
Learning Objectives Students will learn 10 different ways to prepare for careers
Materials Needed Newsprint and markers
Detailed Activity Steps
  1. Ask each student to identify a career that interests him or her and record it on one piece of newsprint.
  2. Explain each of the following categories and give examples of the kinds of jobs in each: 2 year degree, 4 year degree, immediate employment, industry training, military training, part-time employment, full time employment, professional degree, apprenticeship, tech prep.
  3. Divide the class into 10 groups and give each group a piece of newsprint and one of the categories.
  4. Have groups place careers from the list on their access route, if applicable. Post and share.
  5. Have each student identify the paths that could lead them to their chosen career area.
Theory basis Brown’s Value-Based Holistic Model
Evaluation/Assessment Students will each have identified a career and the access routes into that career.
  1. Students should have a familiarity with the 10 various access routes prior to this lesson.
 Enhancement Activities Using a career, such as chef, discuss how it could be reached by any of the routes. Discuss the positive and negative aspects of each route.
Adaptation for at risk kids None needed.
Resources Developmental Guidance Classroom Activities, Grades 10-12

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