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Problem Solving at Style City


Governor’s Institute for Career Education and Work Activity

by Sara Welshans


Problem Solving at Style City

Standards Addressed
  • 13.2.11. C Analyze workplace problems and cite technological solutions.
  • RWSL 1.2.8.A Read and understand informational texts.
  • AH 9.1.J, K
  • ST 3.7 A, C, D, E
  • FCS 11.2 E
Brief Overview Students will analyze the problems of a small business owner (Style City) and find a database solution.
Grade Level 11th
Content Area(s) Computer Programming (Access Database)
Other Standards Supported ASCA, PSCA, NCDC
Prep Time 20 minutes
Implementation Time 2 45-minute sessions
Learning Objectives Students will work in pairs to brainstorm solutions and diagram solution.
Materials Needed Worksheet containing description of the problem. (See attachment)
Detailed Activity Steps
  1. Read problem from worksheet
  2. Answer questions students may have about the problem.
  3. Students will work in pairs to brainstorm and diagram their database solution.
Theory Basis Trait and Factor Theory
Evaluation/Assessment Diagrams will be analyzed for completeness, simplicity, and workability.
Comments Students should have a complete understanding of the problem to be solved.
Enhancement Activities Use website. Find templates to help market Style City.
Adaptation for At-Risk Kids Students will work in pairs for support.
Resources Microsoft Access software and website.

Style City

(Sample Problem for 13.2.11.C)
Sara Welshans

Mimi Benson is a cosmetologist who has had her own business for four years. She offers her clients the following services:

  • Haircut - $20
  • Color and cut - $40
  • Perm - $50
  • Manicure - $30
  • Pedicure - $30
  • Waxing - $20
  • Tanning Booth - $15 per session

She also sells products including shampoos, conditioners, and sprays for the hair as well as polish for the nails and skin creams.

She sees approximately 150 different clients each month.

She currently spends several hours each week keeping track of scheduling, income, and expenses (which she writes by hand in a notebook). She needs to generate a monthly report of income and expenses for her accountant. She would also like to know how much money each service generates and which clients are scheduled each day for which services.

Your assignment is to design a database solution that will generate the report and schedules that Mimi needs. Draw a diagram showing the various entities needed for the database and indicating the relationships of those entities to each other (Entity-Relationship Data Model Diagram)

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