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Mapping Your Future


Governor’s Institute for Career Education and Work Activity

by Karen Johnson and Bill O’Sick


Mapping Your Future

Standards Addressed
  • 13.1.8 F 
Brief Overview Students will apply the components of career planning and develop an individualized career plan.
Grade Level 7th and 8th
Content Area(s) Language Arts and Social Studies
Other standards supported ASCA, PSCA, NCDG, Pennsylvania Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening Standards
Prep Time 30 minutes
Implementation Time Three 45-minute sessions
Learning Objectives
  • Learn how to Choose a Career
  • Understand their career Choice
  • How to Prepare for their career through education
Materials Needed
  • Mapping Your Future Workbook
  • Interest Skills Checklist
  • Career Cluster Worksheet
  • 5 Steps to a Career Decision Handout
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook
  • Pencils
Detailed Activity Steps Write on Board-Job Career. Ask what is the difference?  Discuss answers. Tell students ways they can find out how to choose a career and how to reach their career goal. Ask them to go to page 12 of their Workbook and read the Ten Steps to Planning Your Career.

Tell them to think about what they want to be. With all the career possibilities, how do you get there?  Read your steps to develop a career plan for homework. Take the Interest Inventory, Discovering Your Interests (2 pages).
Day 1
Day 2 Review results. Distribute Career Cluster worksheets. Have the students match up their occupations. Also compare the skills and the occupations selected. Review with them the educational needs for each occupation.
Day 3 Have students review their occupations. Once they have decided what occupation matches up with their career goal, have them develop a plan towards achieving that goal.
Theory basis Developmental Theory-Focus on Human development across one’s lifespan.
Evaluation/Assessment Student’s workbook, worksheets, and biography of each occupation.
Enhancement Activities Students will create an occupational portfolio.
Adaptation for at risk kids Resource room teacher and peer coaches will be involved.
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook, Florida Dept. of Education website.
  • Tom the Cruiser, 2003.
  • Mapping Your Future Workbook.

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