Governor's Institute for Career Education and Work
Justifying Career Choice


Governor’s Institute for Career Education and Work Activity

by Carol Kruskie, Greg Nagurney and Ron Bolam


Justifying Career Choice

Standards Addressed
  • 13.1.11 D. Students will justify the selection of a career.
Brief Overview Students will create an electronic portfolio related to career selection.
Grade Level 11th
Content Area(s)
  • Language Arts 1.4.11.E, 1.2.11A, 1.4.11B
  • Science and Technology 3.7.12D
Other standards supported PSCA, ASCA
Prep Time 1 hour
Implementation Time 5 sessions
Learning Objectives Students will learn how to use electronic career search program to complete a career report.
Materials Needed Computer lab with internet access, paper, pencil
Detailed Activity Steps
  1. Students will complete interest inventory on Choices Program (or available computerized career search program).
  2. Students will complete a skills inventory.
  3. Students will complete values assessment.
  4. Students will complete aptitude survey.
  5. Students will use a primary source when completing the report and electronic mail contacting the corresponding trade or professional association receiving hard copy information.
  6. Students will complete a career report using Office Suite.
Theory basis Trait and Factor Theory, Holland Theory, Brown’s Values-Based Holistic Model
  • Local Language Arts rubric for written assignments.
  • Thoroughly-developed career profile as prescribed by the instructor.
Comments Secure computer lab.

Teacher will familiarize self with intended computerized program(s).

Investigate local electronic resources regarding career information programs.

Coordinate activities with other professionals within the school such as the library media specialists, School-to-Work coordinator.
Enhancement Activities
  • Students can interview individual performing the career they researched.
  • Students can contact professional organizations/ agencies /unions for further information on specific careers.
Adaptation for at risk kids Assistance with use of electronic equipment and software packages
Resources Choices program

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