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Employment Opportunities within the Community


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Governor’s Institute for Career Education and Work Activity

by Carol Kruskie, Greg Nagurney and Ron Bolam


Employment Opportunities within the Community

Standards Addressed
  • 13.1.5 Identify the elements of employment opportunities within the community.
Brief Overview Students will research one career of their choice.
Grade Level 8th
Content Area(s) Language Arts 1.4.5B,1.4.5C, Reading 1.2.5A, Writing 1.4.5B
Other standards supported PSCA, ASCA
Prep Time 30 minutes
Implementation Time
  • Day 1-45 minutes
  • Day 2-60 minutes
  • Day 3-45 minutes
Learning Objectives Students will list several careers from the local community by elements of employment.
After interviewing local speakers, students will research a career of interest based on the elements of employment within their community.
Materials Needed Materials provided by speakers about employment opportunities from within the community.
Podium, chalk, overhead projector, blackboard, paper, pencils
Detailed Activity Steps
  1. Teacher will invite speakers to talk about employment opportunities within the local community. (i.e. Career Link, State Employment Office, local government officials, Chamber of Commerce)
  2. Students will prepare questions about employment opportunities within the community.
  3. Students will write a report on a local career of interest.
  4. Students will dress in clothing related to their chosen career to present the report.
  5. Audience will guess the job title based upon the report given and clothing worn in a “What’s My Line” format.
Theory basis Trait and Factor Theory
Evaluation/Assessment Reports will be evaluated through local Language Arts rubrics.
  1. Advanced planning for scheduling speakers.
  2. Advanced notification to parents about possible clothing needs within the activity.
  3. Students will be reminded of classroom etiquette for speakers.
  4. Seek publicity event through local media.
  5. Limit each student presentation to 2 minutes for game.
Enhancement Activities
  1. Students will write “Thank you” notes to speakers.
Adaptation for at risk kids One-to-one assistance with report writing

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