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Check Your Portfolio for What Employers Desire


Governor’s Institute for Career Education and Work Activity

by Cortney Cutchall, Bob Pasquantonio and Mike Thompson


Check Your Portfolio for What Employers Desire

Standards Addressed
  • 13.2 F Evaluate career portfolio content for its accuracy in reflecting skills and knowledge.
  • RWSL 1.4 C, D, E
Brief Overview Students will identify the samples in their portfolios that highlight their employability skills.
Grade Level 8th
Content Area(s) Language Arts
Other standards supported N/A
Prep Time 30 minutes
Implementation Time 45-60 minutes
Learning Objectives Student recognizes the skills they have and the skills they need for work.
Materials Needed Markers, Flip chart
Detailed Activity Steps
  1. Ask students to brainstorm characteristics of employability skills.
  2. Ask students to brainstorm activities which display employability skills.
  3. Write responses on board and add to the list if necessary.
  4. Evaluate portfolio samples in relation to the list of established criteria.
Theory basis Super Theory
Evaluation/Assessment Teacher observation of student participation and completion.
  1. Generate a list of employability skills. (Make reference to Employability Skills Checklist- Developmental Guidance Classroom Activities- Grade 7-9 No. 30)
Enhancement Activities Invite HR representative to present industry desired workplace skills.
Adaptation for at risk kids Encouragement by teacher to participate and pair with peers if necessary.

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