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Changing Roles at Home & in the Workforce


Governor’s Institute for Career Education and Work Activity

by Greg Tomevi, Pat Shannon and Debbie Foust


Changing Roles at Home & in the Workforce

Standards Addressed
  • 13.1.11 B Analyze how the changing male/female roles relate to career choice
  • 1.1.11 A,B,D,E,F,G
  • 1.2.11 A,B
  • 1.4.11 B,C
  • 1.5.11 A-G
  • 1.6.11 A,D,E
  • 1.8.11 A-C
Brief Overview The Student analyzes how the changing male/female roles relate to career choice.
Grade Level 11th Grade
Content Area(s) Career Awareness, Career Decision Making, Language Arts, Reading, Listening, Social/Interpersonal Skills
Other standards supported
  • PDE – Guidance and Counseling
  • PDE – Standards of Career Education
  • National Career Development Guidelines 1989
Prep Time 1 month
Implementation Time Periodic checks with teacher as needed.
Allot class time, including computer use sessions.
Learning Objectives Students will be able to scrutinize how the changing male/female roles relate to career choice.
Materials Needed
  • Internet access
  • Folders for final project
  • Paper
Detailed Activity Steps
  1. Each student will interview 5 people between the ages 20-30, and 45-55.
  2. The students will interview and collect data as to occupational choices available to each of these individuals in their respective age groups.
  3. When the data is collected, the students will do a comparison chart in order to analyze the changing career opportunities for males and females.
  4. Develop a list of at least three post-secondary institutions that provide necessary education and/or training.
  5. Provide up-to-date information on current and projected labor market statistics.
  6. Formal report of compiled data with comparison and personal reflection/opinion.
Theory basis Holland Code
  1. Distribute a rubric evaluation to each student.
  2. Assess their response to the project and ask for suggestions for change and modification.
  3. Allow opportunities for pre-grade editing and comments by teacher.
  1. Introduce the project at least one month in advance.
  2. Have the students hand in a ‘rough draft’ of their plan and the names of their contacts.
  3. Explain that they are responsible for researching the careers presented by using accompanying statistics and graphs that display the changing availability of those careers to males and females.
Enhancement Activities
  1. Class Presentations in the form of extra credit.
  2. Complete their own Holland Interest Inventory.
Adaptation for at risk kids
  1. Where necessary the number of interviewees can be reduced.
  2. Interviewees can be accessed at school [staff and faculty].
Resources John Hollands “World of Work” model

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