Governor's Institute for Career Education and Work
Career Dream Day


Governor’s Institute for Career Education and Work Activity

by Elaine Durham and Joseph Schaeffe


Career Dream Day

Standards Addressed
  • 13.1.8 E Analyze the relationship between school subjects and extra-curricular activities to career preparations.
  • RWSL 1.8 A, B, C
Brief Overview Students will learn how school subjects, sports and clubs help in career preparation.
Grade Level 8th
Content Area(s) Language Arts
Other standards supported ASCA, PSCA, NCDG
Prep Time Several sessions over a number of weeks.
Implementation Time 55 minutes (Three 15-minute sessions, with five minutes between sessions).
Learning Objectives Students will be able to identify several ways people prepare for their careers.
Materials Needed Signs for Career Dream Day speaker locations.
Detailed Activity Steps
  1. Approximately 20-25 career speakers will need to be recruited to speak to students on Career Dream Day. The speakers should represent common careers, familiar to third grade students.
    Suggestions for recruiting speakers:
    Request for speakers made in school newsletter.PTO – make appeal among members and/or have them assist in locating speakers.

    Contact local service organization, such as the Lion’s Club or Rotary organization – make appeal among members and/or have them assist in locating speakers.

    Contact local businesses, found in Yellow Pages, for possible speakers in specific career fields.
  2. Once recruited, the speakers are sent letters, giving them the specific details for the Career Dream Day itinerary. The letter will inform the speakers they will need to tell the students how their school and extra-curricular activities have helped them to prepare for their careers.
  3. The counselor will go into individual classes prior to Career Dream Day to help the students prepare for the speakers. The discussion would focus on why people have jobs, the skills required for different jobs and how to acquire these skills, dream jobs for each student, and what they are learning in school and in after-school activities will help to prepare them for their dream job.
  4. Sometime prior to the activity, the students are given a list of the careers that will be represented on Career Dream Day and asked to identify those jobs they would like to learn more about.
Theory basis Trait and Factor Theory
Evaluation/Assessment For English class, students write a 250-word essay, identifying how their school subjects, sports and clubs help to prepare them for the specific careers represented in the sessions they attended.
Comments This activity works best when coordinated by several individuals (i.e., teachers, counselors, community representatives).
Enhancement Activities Students would take an interest inventory after attending the three Career Dream Day sessions to see how it aligns with their career choice.
Adaptation for at risk kids No adaptations needed.
Resources E.K. Powe Elementary School Counseling (Durham Public Schools, Durham, NC) website:

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